Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

You know I try my best to keep this blog free of politics, religion, and other subjects we all agree aren't as important as food, but on MLK day, I make a small exception. This is the end of the famous "Dream" speech. If for some reason you've never seen this, it's probably one the greatest speeches ever filmed, and a must-watch. Even if you have seen it, hopefully it never fails to inspire. Enjoy!


Shawn said...

You know, I've read transcripts, and I've certainly seen excerpts, but I've never seen the speech in its entirety. Inspiring.... Thanks for posting this.

milkshake said...

I think your cornbread video is better.

Even as I listen to the current speaches of Mr. Obama with great admiration (and will vote for him) over the past century in Eastern Europe we had many inspiring speaches. Good speeches are produced inexpensively. Great idealistic leaders progressively become vain and currupted once in power.

WOOTTvBoston said...

and let freedom ring, yes, and that was all. Thank you, sir.

Jewels said...

It's not just that he was a great speaker, and it's not just that the message was well written. There's something absolutely spectacular in being able to witness the passion and the yearning and the sincerity with which one single person was able to speak like that on behalf of a whole race and express exactly what an entire nation of people was feeling.

It either speaks volumes about Dr King's amazing ability and determination to fight for what was right, or it speaks volumes about the incredible level of injustice and hate that was there to be fought against.

Sadly, I think it speaks to both.