Friday, January 1, 2010

Beans and Greens for New Year's Day? Good Luck with That!

One of the oldest culinary traditions in American cooking is serving beans and greens on New Year's Day. Tradition has it that eating "poor" on the first day of the year brings wealth and good fortune throughout the rest of the year.

The greens represent paper money, and the beans, usually black-eyed peas, coins. I've posted all my beans and greens videos below. You can also click the titles to read the original posting with ingredients. These recipes are so tasty, the fact that they may, or may not, bring prosperity won't seem to matter. Happy New Year, and enjoy!

Black Eyed Peas with Pork and Greens

Butter Beans with Bacon and Rocket

Italian Pork and Beans and Greens Recipe

Beans and Greens


mdeals said...

Oh good one ..really thanks to you for these videos......happy new year.......2010...

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

I'd never heard of 'Beans and Greens' in Australia - what a great tradition. We usually spend the day with neighbors, all contributing to a great feast. Next year I will introduce them to Beans and Greens, using one of your recipes, I know they will love it. Happy New Year Chef John - and thank you for your wonderful blog.

Bryan said...

Black tradition...slaves at Black eyed peas the first New Years after their emancipation.