Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hilah’s Happy Hour featuring Chef John’s First Podcast

That’s right, I did a podcast! Which, come to find out, is a great way to learn what those are. It’s basically like listening to the radio, only more complicated. Anyway, I appeared on Hilah’s Happy Hour, with the lovely and talented Hilah Johnson.

As you’ll hear, she does most of the heavy lifting in this free-flowing interview, but you'll also get a few behind-the-scenes tidbits from me, as well. I had a lot of fun doing it, and invite you to follow this link to check it out on her blog, as well as check out her highly entertaining recipe videos. Enjoy!



James Lawson said...

Listened to Hilah's podcast. Good job. And you're right, the clotted cream is the easiest recipe ever with the best results. It freezes well, too!!!

Mike Bramley said...

Yep, listened to the podcast this morning. Very interesting and insightful (is that a word?) behind the scenes look into the history and world of Chef John and Food Wishes. Qualified to be added to my Hall of Fame gallery in my kitchen.

Sally said...

Wow! That was pretty cool, Chef. It really was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Chris K. said...

I always suspected you were a fraud. Thanks for your honesty.

In your Paul Smith years did you ever visit around Long Lake? I used to go canoe camping there with my dad. Really beautiful, except for the hip-deep mud portages and mosquitoes in early June.