Friday, August 31, 2007

Almost Famous

Just a quick update regarding the “Blogging to Fame” contest, where my blog has been nominated, and has received a surprising number of votes (to me at least). I think I’m one of the top foodie blogs in the running, and I’m assured of a spot in the final 500 blogs that will be considered by a jury to choose the top blogs. Of course, I did do a whole post and email blast basically begging people to go to the BTF site and vote for me. Anyway, thanks to everyone that took the time to go and vote. And special thanks to Nora from County Durham, England, who is my biggest BTF fan (and ballot stuffer) and head cheerleader.

I recently heard that you can now vote for your favorite blog once a day (did you hear that Mom?), so even if you voted for me the first time I asked (begged), apparently you can legally vote again. I won’t bore you again with the details, but if you are new to this blog you can click the link below and read the short, but scintillating, original post explaining this contest. Thanks!!

Click here to read the original post: Am I Blogging to Fame?

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Bill Blunt said...

Wow, that made my day, John! A phone call from my mother wondering how on earth you knew she was such a fan!!!

Keep up the good work with a great blog.

Kind Regards