Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mumble Sauce

I just got home after some fairly painless oral surgery, and my troublesome wisdom tooth is now gone. That's the good news. The bad news is my mouth is currently stuffed with cotton, and doing a voice-over for the just completed mumbo sauce probably isn't a great idea. Hopefully, I'll be able to rock the mic soon, but in the meantime, thank you for your patience, and please stay tuned! 


sharethecoffee said...

Glad your oral surgery went well. I'm also glad you moderate these comments, because this is more a note to you than a comment, and you're welcome to delete when you're finished. I enjoy your videos more than I can say. What's more, I also "teach" for a living, and as much as I enjoy your cooking (and the improvements you have made to MY cooking), beyond that I am so pleased and refreshed at your absolutely indefatigable, relentless encouragement to those who want to learn. My own students (different content) are often filled with and chained down by fear of making a mistake or doing something wrong. So often I say, "there's nothing you can do here that I cannot undo or fix. Don't be afraid! Give it a go!" I hear that same echo from you constantly. Thanks again! Grace to you -- LM

Unknown said...

I feel you Chef John!

Had the same thing earlier this year.. so much better now though that it's gone.

I wish you well on your recovery and am looking forward to the Mumble Sauce!

Beverly C said...

Hope you're feeling up to the mic now. Will be waiting for your next culinary adventure.

I notice that you don't have a vid/blog for a gyro loaf. Between you and Kenji I feel well informed AND entertained. I have followed along with Kenji's experiments and, incorporating those results with ideas from a few other recipes, I think I make a darn good gyro but would love to see your take on this. Possible?


Bill Morash said...

Wouldn't an extra large batch be called a Jumbo Mumbo?