Saturday, May 26, 2007

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

This holiday weekend has always stuck me as a bit odd. It is obviously a national day of remembrance for those that have given their lives in military service to this great country. Seems like such a somber excuse to enjoy all those delicious BBQ ribs and cold beer. Maybe we should really honor them by eating some of those freeze-dried, ready-to-eat meals and warm water…chipped beef on toast anyone? They say an army travels on its stomach, so I’d like to make a special request that you also remember all the brave cooks and chefs that have made the ultimate sacrifice for us while feeding the troops in times of war. By the way, I’ve turned off the comment feature for this post. I didn’t want a long thread of anti-war, pro-war, anti-pork, pro-pork comments. This blogs sole purpose is to entertain (even if that means playing pirated TV clips!).

Now, on a less serious note, most of you will be attending some type of outdoor BBQ (whether its juicy pork ribs, or spicy tofu kabobs and some gazpacho), so I picked today’s post because it’s one of my all-time favorite Simpsons clips. Let’s all eat, drink and be merry….and remember, if only for a few moments, the reason for this long weekend.