Saturday, October 6, 2007

Time for Sushi? No, Sushi for Time!

Some headlines just write themselves. So, there I was, wracking my brain trying to figure out the perfect gift for my Sushi-loving friend (you know… the one that’s always forgetting things in the oven), and then I saw it; a Sushi (Nigiri to be completely accurate) kitchen timer! How serendipitous!

Okay, I’m sure this sounds like a fish tale, and it is. Well, at least the part about looking for a gift for a Sushi-loving friend. I ran across this very ironic gadget (raw fish on a timer for cooking things?) in the same shop I found the Mario Batali toy, WinkSF. I figured I would post this is case you actually do have to find a gift for a Sushi-loving friend (you know…the one that’s always forgetting things in the oven).


Anonymous said...

i love sushi and have a terrible memory! I'll get it for myself. cool shot.

Anonymous said...

On a COMPLETELY unrelated topic, Chef John, will you be doing a holiday turkey recipe video? Yeah, I know it's early to be obsessing over the holiday cooking already, but I'm actually only 24 and this will be my very first time hosting the family at my place for the Thanksgiving meal. I need to start panicking ahead of time if I don't have some trustworthy instruction on how to do a turkey PROPERLY.

Also, this will probably sound insane, but maybe not, who knows... I have one of those syringe-like "flavor injectors" (As Ronco calls them) that you can use to inject meat with juice or liquid (as opposed to just basting). How do you think a whole turkey or chicken would turn out if injected with a bit of a nice sweet, somewhat light, red wine like a really good Pinot Noir before/during roasting?

Just something I thought of and want to know if I'm completely insane before I waste money on a whole bird and then completely ruin it, lol.

Thanks Chef John!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled into your site from youtube, where I was looking into the process of making homemade pasta. I'm simply enamoured with your work. The voice-overs are great.. I love the humor almost as much as I love the personable explanations. You may not be as hot as Rachel Ray, but I learn more from your videos.
Jesse Mason
Belleville, MI

Chef John said...

Thanks jesse

DO NOT inject the turkey! the only thing you should be injecting wine in to is you and your guests. I'm not sure if I'm doing a turkey demo. (they do them 24/7 on Food Network the week before and you'll see EVERY possible method.

The main problem is overcooking. Get a good digital thermometer. And then use the following method which is Alton Browns method and works great! I just rub the bird in butter, salt and pepper and put some garlic bulbs and herb (sage and rosemary inside the cavity)

...As for the actual cooking method, Alton Brown suggests roasting the meat at 500 degrees to start which will brown the skin and keep in the juices. Cooking at lower temperatures causes the fat to run off and the turkey to lose flavor. His method beings by cooking at 500 for 30 minutes until the turkey is brown, then lowering to 350 until the internal temperature is 161 (not the 180 degree setting of the thermometers often provided with turkeys). The turkey will continue to cook to the temperature of 165 degrees when out of the oven. He suggests that an 18-pound turkey only takes 2-2.5 hours in the oven.

Next is the most important step of waiting. NEVER, EVER cut a turkey before letting it sit, at least a half hour of rest will do, but the temperature of the meat should be about 120 degrees before carving. Cutting before it rests causes you to lose all the juices and any credibility you had for following Alton and professional chefs.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

DO NOT inject the turkey!

LOL! Okay, okay, I won't! See? It's a good thing I asked!

And actually, the rest of your/Alton's instructions make perfect sense. I'll do it exactly as you recommend.

Thank you Chef John. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way - I would trust your turkey-cooking advice a hundred times over the TV people any day of the week. After all, it was stupid television producers who put Paul McCartney on TV to teach an entire nation of people the wrong way to cook mashed potatoes!

I swear, they have no discretion or sense of cooking-honer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Honour, HONOUR! *sigh*

Alrighgt, I'm going to stop commenting now...

food makes me happy said...

Haha I thought that was a real sushi at first!