Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The First Annual Food Wishes Super Bowl Menu Super-poll - What are you serving for the big game?

I'm trying to put together an article for my American Foods site on About.com regarding what American's serve during their fabulous Super Bowl parties. I would greatly appreciate your input on what kind of menu you're planning this year. To participate, please leave a comment and be sure to tell me where you are from so I can also determine if there are any regional trends.

For example, I hear that many people are eating crow this year in and around Dallas (Sorry!! But, as a lifelong NY Giants fan I just couldn't resist). Go Giants! By the way, all you fellow AARP members can save your "Brett Favre is gonna kick their asses this week" comments! ;-)

Video Recipe Update:

The Good News: I have just completed my 50th video recipe for About.com. The Bad News: Not all of them have "gone live" yet. So, you should expect a large and steady stream of new, exciting, and delicious videos soon. The fabulous producers and editors at About (Hello Bonnie and Gina!) are working feverishly to prepare these clips for the site.

I have the easy job of filming, editing, and eating. They have the tedious and daunting task of preparing the clips for the web, and creating each webpage where they will reside. Just thought I would take a second to thank the team over there who makes all the clips you see here possible.

Photo credit (c) Sports Illustrated


Anonymous said...

LOL, are you trying to say Brett's old???

Anonymous said...

I will have in LA (where we dont have a team)

spicy wings
sausage and rolls
beer, and lots of it!

Anonymous said...

I lost all my money on the Colts :(
Looks like PB&J's for the big game!

Terry Cox said...

I live in Myrtle Beach,S.C. and we will be having Hot wings,barbecue Boston butt,coleslaw,chips and dip,ice cold beer

Whistle Britches said...

i'll probably make pizza at home and eat it all in the first 5 minutes of the game.
from Oklahoma.

ps. if the giants win you should start wearing eli's jersey on all your videos.

Unknown said...

I'm in Fayetteville AR,

I'll be;
frying wings
making cheese-dip and salsa
making some hummus
mixing up some margaritas

Anonymous said...

albuquerque, nm

i'll be making chile relleno
chile con queso for the chips
and enchiladas for the post-game meal
(theme: lots and lots of chile and cheese)

Anonymous said...

I'm in Washington, DC, but I'll be doing the cooking for a party up in Baltimore. During the first half, I'll be serving Buffalo-ish wings, veggies with dip, hummous, babaganoush, dolma and falafel balls. (The theme: things I can make ahead, except for the wings, and that's just dumping them in the hot oil before the team introduction. I'll be ready before kickoff. We do love our football.)

At halftime, while you're trying to figure out why anyone would watch Tom Petty at the Superbowl, we'll each be making our own pizzas. We keep two stones hot so that the peel is always in use. If it's nice out, we'll do some of them on the grill.

Second half is time for dessert, but, again, I plan not to miss much of the game. I haven't yet decided for sure, but the first two courses are heavy, so I lean toward red wine poached pears. Again, can be done ahead, and I'll be assembling between the third and fourth quarters.

Anonymous said...

I was going to have onions, but they make me cry.

Connie T. said...

I always have a cold macaroni salad. Bar-b-que meatballs. Chips and dip and chicken fingers.

Connie T. said...

Opps, Knoxville, Tn but I lived in Las Vegas, Nv for 30 years so it must be a Vegas thing.

dandelion said...

Here is my Menu for this year. :)

Spiced Nuts
Stuffed Eggs
Crudités with Ranch Dressings
Fruit Platter
3 Cheeses and Cracker Platter
Boiled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
Hot wings with Blue Cheese
Baked Potato Skins
Chili with Assorted Condiments
Slow Ball Dip in a Bread Bowl with Croutons

Various Bottled Sodas
Iced Tea
Fresh Lemonade
Assorted Beer
White and Red Wine
Margaritas on the Rocks
Serve Yourself Bar with Condiments and Mixers

dandelion said...

Ohh I forgot to say where I'm from.
Omaha, NE

Anonymous said...

Woooo, Giants are going to be in the bowl, Greenbay is no challenge

Chef John said...

Yeah, ...have another drink.

BTW, thanks to all so far for the great response!!

Anonymous said...

Go Brett and Green Bay. I can say that cuz I live in Gulfport, MS, right down the road from where Brett is from. However, we will be sitting on the beach in Honolulu having a MaiTai(3) with pineapple, bbq chicken, cole slaw, fruit plate with more pineapple, dip and chips.

Unknown said...

I have the same menu every year Beer battered Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Chips, dips, cookies, Veggies, beer, soda, and a dip my husband makes that is so good it is called "Crack Dip" it's like a nacho cheese and meat dip.
I'm from Rutland, Vermont

Chef John said...

Thanks, sounds great!!

And... with a name like "crack dip" it better be good!

Anonymous said...

My Man doesnt like Chili... So...
Appetizers will be...

Clam Dip and Chips
Buffalo Wings , Celery and Blue Cheese
Assorted Nibblers ( Nuts pretzals, m&ms)

Main Course
Baked Ziti with Sweet and Savory Sausage
Garlic Toast

Banana Splits

Unknown said...

Giants! Yea!!! BTW - tried your recipe for Buffalo style chicken wings and the gang at my house loved them!