Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sea Bass with Braised Celery Root and Roasted Beets a la Traci Des Jardins

This delicious dish is from Traci Des Jardins (seen below giving the recipe one last look), who demonstrated it during my recent trip to the Ahwahnee Hotel. I've simplified the procedure a bit for the home cook, but the soul of the dish remains unaltered. The recipe, which features seasonal winter vegetables, and a light, aromatic broth/sauce, is simple, elegant, and full of flavor.

I've always said that the easiest way to describe "California cuisine," is to give someone a recipe to try. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Well, a good recipe is worth at least that when trying to give someone an idea of what California cuisine is all about.

This link is to the Sea Bass with Braised Celery Root and Roasted Beets recipe page on my About site. I was unable to do a video of Chef Des Jardins creating the dish, but the recipe is very straightforward. Any firm white fish will work in this dish, in case you can't find bass. Enjoy!

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Angie said...

oh ah I saw her on Iron Chef America she was pretty awesome to watch! what a nice treat :D