Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Here's to Ireland's Greatest Culinary Achievement…Guinness Beer!

That's right, Guinness has to be considered Ireland's most famous food. Some of you may be thinking that beer is a beverage, not a food, and that this whole post is just an excuse to show a funny commercial. You have a point, but during my one and only trip to Ireland, about 20 years ago, Guinness was described, and used, as a food.

The natives were not shy about telling me how nutritious it was, how it is "fed" to patients in the hospital, how you can cook with it, how it's made, how to pour it, how to drink, and so on. What I really like best about Guinness is the fact that it can't be dyed green! Green beer…worst idea ever.

This Guinness beer commercial is dedicated to everyone who doesn't believe in evolution, and think the world is only a few thousand years old. It's also dedicated to all those scientists that have spent their entire careers hiding "fake" bones and fossils. I need a beer.
May you all have a safe and fun St. Paddy's Day!

Photo (c)
Scott Thompson


PrimeBrit said...

Happy St Patrick Day Chef.

I have my corned beef joint in the slow cooker, (cheating!) and my cabbage is all ready to be chopped and boiled. Guinness is chilled, wife on her way home, Grandma booked to babysit and I can hear a cold one calling from the City Pier which we shall visit later...

Have a GREAT one!

Chargeorge said...

Guiness Draft is the greatest light (in terms of calories on earth).

for less light, try and find the "Guiness Foreign Extra stout" (not sold in the US Sadly :( )

Chef John said...

Erin Go Bra!

Anonymous said...

cellar-temperature served Guiness with big creamy head does feel nutritios (and it is an instant mood brightener) but the fact is that Guiness has less calories than the same volume of Coca-Cola.

In Limburg there was experiment done with serving long-calorie low-alcohol beer to kids in elementary school cafeteria, to make them swich from sugary sodas - to more healthy beer. 9 out of 10 kids went for dark lager :) I bet the afternoon clasess were more tolerable too.

KP said...

To answer your question: I used the cheap Kroger brand for the chocolate bark in the Oreo truffles recipe.