Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Down with IACP? Yeah, You Know Me!

The travel craziness continues as I'm heading to Austin for the IACP 33rd Annual Conference. This year's theme is: "Light Your Fire: Sparks from the Culinary Edge." 

I'll be doing a session entitled, "DIY Video Production for Food Bloggers," and will be joined by the lovely and talented Sara, from Average Betty, and Daniel Klein, chef and traveling food documentarian from The Perennial Plate. By the way, if you think I travel a lot, check this guy out.

I'm pretty excited to be doing a little teaching, as that's the one thing I do miss most about working at a culinary academy. I love the thought that folks may actually leave the session and be so inspired that they start filming and uploading food videos to their own blogs. Then, in a few years, there will be so many high-quality food videos online that their value will plummet, and I'll be out of business. Damn it! I didn't think this through.

On a related matter, here is a recipe by a new video recipe friend of mine, Marie Lévesque (aka PlatypusGuitar) from Montréal, Canada. She's the host of the Insanely Sexy Potato Show, and this is her Easy Salmon Croquette Recipe. Enjoy!


Ariana said...

I have recently started blogging as a Study Abroad student, just talking about my travels.

I am however looking into continuing to blog after my return and I would like to do it on food and recipes and such. I love cooking and watching your videos. I find that videos are much more enjoyable than just reading a blog on how to make something, because the dynamic is so fun and one can see the process.

I would love to learn more about video-ing food things and recipes. I am not able to attend your class unfortunately. Are there any tips or tricks you would be willing to post? Or better yet, would you be willing to record and post your session that you are doing at this conference?


Raquel.Erecipe said...

I also have blog about food and recently I am surfing on different types of food in local and even in foreign website. I am looking forward that you will upload the video here.