Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big Dipping

As you may have noticed, we are smack dab in the middle of televised sports season. Baseball playoffs are starting (Go Giants!), football season is in full swing (Go Giants!), and basketball is just around the corner (Go Warriors??), so you’re going to need some delicious dips to help soak up some of that beer. As I’ve said before, the cornerstone of any proper game-day buffet is the dip selection. Here are a few of our favorites. Just click on the recipe name in the caption, and as always, enjoy!


Saud said...

Hey John, just wanted to point your attention to the images linking to the same link (The artichoke post)

Thanks for these! You are my favorite youtube person.

Keep it up.

Simon said...

Hi John, discovered your blog by accident this weekend via a link on a Richard Bertinet bread recipe and just wanted to say I love your blog. You take the fear out of cooking, and thank god you don't have a laundry list of ingredients like a lot of other Chefs. The videos are hilarious and I've had the most laughs this weekend than for a long time - keep up the good work it's much appreciated. P.S. Just bought your Amercian Cookbook from Amazon and was surprised not to see a cookbook?

Have you done a post/or could you on recommendations of what equipment to stock a home kitchen with?

Thanks again John - can't wait to start cooking from your blog.

Sandra from Montreal said...

Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving too! Thanks!

Chef John said...


I don't really do equip rec lists. There are tons of those lists and ratings online, and they would be more informative than anything I could pull together. ;)

Unknown said...

John...I just grabed your blog from my competitors backlinks. You blog is acarring amazing popular menu ideas. I would like to add some in my menu.

Anonymous said...