Thursday, December 13, 2012

Potato Pancakes – Delicious, But They Go Right to My Thighs

There are few foods I enjoy eating more than a plate of crispy-edged potato pancakes. Unfortunately, I've been trying to limit my carbs lately (I just can't let go of my dream to become a famous underwear model), so seeing all these amazing Latkes recipes that pop up during Hanukkah is really hard.

Anyway, just because I'm not partaking doesn't mean you have to deny yourself this exquisite pleasure. Below you'll see my version, which has always received rave reviews. These are garnished with smoked salmon, but my favorite way is to simply enjoy them topped with applesauce and sour cream. This is an older post, so use the link below the video for more info and the ingredients. A happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating, and as always, enjoy!

Click here for the original post and ingredient amounts.


Isabel said...

Why do you grate the potatoes into water when you need them super dry? Seems like a step one could skip and if you just grate the potatoes and squeeze the potatoes dry.

Judy said...

They will oxidize in the air Isabel--plus the rinsing needed to happen to take out some starch. Didn't he say that in the vid--I am almost positive...or maybe I have watched so many of these now ;)

Chef! I am so excited you are doing lower carbs for yourself--now we might get some yummy low-carb food wishes, yeah? I am always looking for that! <3 I can't wait to see ;)

Chef John said...

Thanks Judy! Yes, the rinsing is primarily to remove the potato starch which prevents the pancake from getting crispy.

KPeff said...

I love that you reposted this for Hanukkah right after the hamlet recipe.

khalasan said...

I love the humor in your posts but most importantly I love reading about dishes that are new to me. The Adobo post is definitely one of my faves coz I sometimes cook it myself. Keep the ideas coming so we all have kitchen inspiration esp. on days when there is nothing in my mind except for fried food.

Unknown said...

Hello Chef John!
First of all, I wanted to tell you how much I love you, I'm watching every of your videos multiple times, and most of them are truly amazing.

But the real reason why I write this comment (the first comment ever for one of your videos), is that I am surprised that you have too much belly fat! Cayenne pepper is know for boosting the metabolic systems, as well as reducing the appetite!
So my suggestion is that you simply eat and use MORE cayenne pepper! It's your favorite anyways!
Maybe use it for breakfast as well ;))

Greetings from Austria!

Orenwolf said...

Chef John,

This was my sixth Foodwishes recipie. My girlfriend grew up eating these during the holidays as a child, but hadn't had them in years. We decided to take the plunge today to have alongside your trout recipe, for which it turned out fantastic (lemon butter parsley is a great sauce for potato pancakes too, who knew?)

The recipe turned out brilliant! My grater isn't especially coarse, and I was sure my microplane would have turned things to mush, so I decided to cut the onion with the dicer plane on my mandolin, worked like a charm. Still tearful though. ;)

Thanks again for taking the time to make this video! Take care.

Unknown said...

Hello Chef John,

I am a long time fan(about 2 and 1/2 years). I would just like to thank you for all your wonderful videos and recipes. Because of Foodwishes, I have started cooking much more often than before. My cooking has gotten much much better than before as well. Thank you for your awesome videos and Happy Holidays! :)

Chef John said...

Thank you!

steelheader said...

The best potato pancakes are made by using, now don't laugh, the Acme safety grater. As dangerous as a mandolin but produces the perfect slurry for these pancakes.
Another pointer that I recently learned was to let the potato water sit for awhile after the spuds have been removed. Then pour off 99% of the water and incorporate the settled out starch.
You'll love the improved potato pancake.