Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Award-Winning Smoked Goose

I’m heading down to Los Angeles tomorrow for the Taste Awards, and in addition to the medals we won for “Best Food Program: Web” and “Best Home Chef in a Series,” we also were gifted a smoked goose by one of the show’s sponsors, Schiltz Foods

While the picture may look food styled and photoshop’d, I can assure you it was not. These delicious geese really are as gorgeous as you see here, and I thought I’d repost the video below as a little thanks to the fine folks at Schiltz for this year’s bird.

The Taste Awards may not yet have risen to match the prestige of the James Beard Awards, but the last time I checked, those guys weren’t getting any free poultry, so there. To read the original post, and get the ingredients, just follow this link. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

We've ordered two of these because of your original post. They're wonderful. It has become a Christmas tradition here. (Is two times a tradition?)

Živilė said...

Goose looks very tasty, Chef John, i like your blog so much, and your comments during cooking. I just wanted to ask what is the taste of grilled smoked goose, I have never tasted it before.

Unknown said...

Chef John,
How long do you let the goose sit at room temp before cooking it?


Chef John said...

I didn't, just cooked it right from the fridge.