Sunday, September 15, 2013

Suspect Heading North on 5

I’m driving up to Seattle this week for the 2013 International Food Bloggers Conference, and since I’ve never done the drive before, I was wondering if anyone has any great food recommendations along the way? I’ll be staying on Interstate 5 all the way from the Bay Area, stopping about halfway for the night. Thanks in advance for any tips that come this way!

The video below was shot the last time I was in Seattle for this event, and it features one of my favorite things to do when traveling; improvised hotel room cuisine! If you’re interested, you can read whole story here. Enjoy!

Hotel Room Cup O' King Salmon


ArthurDent said...

Fish that fresh, you can eat it as is and it will still taste great. Looks delicious John.

Unknown said...

You've got to stop in Olympia, WA. Take I-5 exit 105 for downtown and hit up one of these:

-Darby's Cafe, for incredible burgers & mountain-high fair-style french fries (

-Quality Burrito, for hippy-made burritos the size of an oil barrel (

-Fishtale Brew Pub, for bar food with a serious flare (

Side note: they're all tree-hugging hippies so you'll feel right at home!

Anonymous said...

Once you're in Seattle Chef, you might want to try this place ... 2901 E Madison St Seattle 206-325-9100. It's vegetarian food, but probably the best you'll ever find.

Marianne Bush said...

Sorry, no suggestions though me make the trip about twice a year. We usually stop over at Bartel's hamburgers in Corning - they make the best darn burgers around. You might want to pick up a wonderful loaf of sourdough bread from Granzella's in Williams. It's a cool store to explore. Have a wonderful trip, Chef John. If you have the time, you should make the return trip down the coast. It's a not to be missed experience if you haven't done it before.

Unknown said...

Totally awesome. Sometimes I find though that hotel-room coffee machines produce water that's tainted with coffee flavor. Any comments/suggestions?

Been following your blog for a couple months now, totally hooked! Thanks, Chef John!

Brett Luttrell said...

Chef John, about 3 hours from Seattle - perhaps time for lunch on your second day - stop at Bunk Bar in Portland (1028 SE Water Ave). The location couldn't be easier to get to - it's literally 30 seconds off an exit from I-5 on the east side of downtown Portland. And hopping back on the Interstate is a snap, too. Bunk Bar is easily one of the best places for sandwiches in a city with a ton of great sandwich shops. As a bonus there's great coffee next door at Water Avenue Coffee if you need a pick-me-up. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Thank You For The Gift of Inspiration Chef John!!!

I love how you went with your creative playful child in making delicious salmon in your hotel coffee maker!! hahaha! :D It's great!!! Inspiring and teaching us all that life is about having fun and making people smile!! Of course making great delicious food is always a bonus and you are one of the best!!! Don't ever change......I love your style!!! Kudos!!!

Chef John said...

Thank you, everyone!!

Funder said...

It's certainly not fine dining, but this place called Dill's Deli right off of I-5 in Redding, CA makes phenomenal salads/sandwiches. It's probably the best/quickest lunch you'll find for miles around.

(Stumbled upon it accidentally on a road trip, and I'm definitely going back next time I'm in the area.)

Lish & Matt said...

Oh Chef, without fear of over hype, La Tarasca at Centralia!!! The carnitas with verde! I have had good mexican, bus this little dive is the ducks nuts :-)

Keep en eye out for huckleberry pie while you are up that way, we had one in Montana this SUmmer which was also a game changer.

Oh in Seattle is where you will find a killer Cuban sandwich, just google and you will find it.

My husband and I just spent 6 months road tripping around the USA, we are currently enjoying exploring Scotland and hope to finish the rest of the USA states next year. Might have to hit you up for some places to eat at in San Fran, we mostly ate at a great little Italian restaurant on Union St :-) or walked up the street to a little old ice cream shop (some 50 years in business) needless to say we had a ball in San Fran :-)

Have fun :-)

Peace x

ericrules42 said...

Stop in Weed and eat at Silvia's, or maybe it is called Silva's, lol. I can't remember the name, but it is a cute little spot right off the five and has great sandwiches.

ericrules42 said...

Stop in Weed and go to Silva's, or maybe it is called Silvia's, lol. Either way it is where we stop when going to S.F. from Portland to see family. Right off the five, and has great sandwiches.

Alex said...

I'm a Texan who transplanted in the Northwest years ago and I found a BBQ place that is just like home. Buster's BBQ in Portland. Legit. I drink the sauce, no lie.

Unknown said...

if you can stop in Portland, take 5 minutes to pick up a donut from Coco Donuts. They are the best donuts around and convenient to the highway. They also have great espresso to get you through the last leg of the trip.

Unknown said...

Hope I'm not too late re: recommendations for your road trip -

In Portland:
Padnah's Pit
1625 NE Killingsworth St.

Fabulous and delicious BBQ. Check out the website for the entire story and menu. They are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Open for breakfast (starting at 9am) on the weekends. If you haven't tried bbq for breakfast, you are in for a treat. There is a Killingsworth St. exit off I-5. Just head east about 1.5 miles. Enjoy!

olivia said...

If you stop in Olympia, it's totally worth checking out Trinacria, on Capitol Way. It's an authentic Sicilian restaurant that has really amazing food.

The tiramisu is the best I've ever had.

S/V Blondie-Dog said...

YiKeS!! Sorry chef but I ain't so sure 'bout 'dis here salmon concoction. For 'ya see, I'd often cook up something like this when recently livin' aboard my sailboat and it do bring back some deprived memories.

I'd open up a tin of salmon purchased at da' Dollar Store, mix in a packet of lemon juice 'dat I done swiped from a convenience store, and 'den pour over a dinky package of Ramen Noodles and dinner be served. I also be sure glad 'dat my finicky lady-friend now done shown me the error of my ways and 'dat I no longer be but a vagrant-on-a-boat no more. Thanks anyways!

ClaireMoon said...

In Oregon, I-5 Exit 86, Heaven on Earth restaurant and bakery - "Home of the World-Famous Cinnamon Rolls" - yummy and seriously huge - one per dinner plate.

In California, Granzella's restaurant ("It's exciting to be Italian!") in Williams, I-5 Exit 577. (South of Willows, North of Arbuckle) This is olive country and Granzella's also sells all kinds of jarred olives. They sell the BEST Muffuletta Mix; nothing compares. I never make the drive from the SF Bay Area to the Pacific Northwest without stopping here, having something with Muffuletta mix (salad or pizza) and buying a bunch of jars of Muffuletta Mix. It has to last until I drive through again (although they do sell online, too).