Sunday, October 6, 2013

National Pizza Month? Sure, Why Not!

That's right, apparently October is National Pizza Month, and to celebrate I'm sharing these links to some of our most popular pizza-related posts. Both pizza doughs, the no-knead, and Wolfgang Puck's classic California-style, get rave reviews, and are easy to master, even for a beginner. 

Of course, man cannot live by crust alone, so you'll also need some sauce, a few creative topping ideas, and a brilliant technique to reheat those cold, leftover slices. You know the drill; simply click the links to watch/read the original recipe post. Enjoy!

No-Knead Pizza Dough

So easy and fun to make, unless you like kneading, then maybe not so much.

Wolfgang's California Pizza Dough

The original chef-to-the-stars shares this very user-friendly, all-purpose pizza dough recipe.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is almost as important as the dough, so don't even think about using something straight from the can.

Asparagus, Ham, and Ricotta Pizza 

I generally don't like a lot vegetables on my pizza, since that's what salads are for, but asparagus with ham and ricotta is another story altogether.

Sausage and Egg Pizza

Eggs on pizza? Yes, yes, and yes. Yes. 

Potato Pesto Pizza

Do you love pizza, but wish it had more carbs? Well, this potato-topped pesto pizza is just what the "doctor" ordered.   

How to Reheat Pizza 

This went viral for a reason. Simply put, this method produces a better slice of pizza than when it was first made.


Food Junkie said...

Great summary collection Chef John and very timely for me. I was looking to make ahead some snack size pizzas and freeze them. Is the no knead dough suitable for freezing and if so is it better raw or cooked before freezing?

Chef John said...

I've never frozen, but heard it works. I'd freeze raw dough.

RatherCynical said...

I notice the Baking Steel thing has been out for a while. Curious, have you tried it yet? Apparently makes for a better crust

Roberto said...

I live in Italy and I have a wonderful wood burning pizza oven in my back yard. But it's a PITA to fire up for one pizza. A very close second is to heat a pizza baking stone on my gas grill, (all three burners on max) while you make your pizza. Five minutes before sliding the pizza off your peel onto the HOT stone, toss a small aluminum foil package filled with wood chips onto the grill next to the stone. Punch a 1/4 inch hole in the foil packet. Wood smoke will flavor the pizza. Spin the pizza 180 deg. after 6 minutes. In 11 minutes you'll have the best pizza ever.

Jerome said...

One thing that works very well to cook pizza dough is to use those pie dish with holes in the bottom. It is more easy and I do not need to cook them first in the bottom of the oven anymore.

Monica said...

We make pizza on the gas grill and it is so very yummy. I will check out some of yours as all your recipes fit our life.

Jerome said...

... and I saw you did the same on the sausage pizza, anyway...

Ed the house chef said...

I made the Wolfgang Puck pizza dough and your sauce tonight...mmm they turned out great. I might cook the pizza in the oven then crisp up the crust like you do leftovers because my oven has no bottom burner. All the heat comes from the top, so there's no benefit to doing the bottom/top switch. It still turned out great despite my limfacs with an old Italian oven. Thanks again Chef.