Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Next Up: Syracuse Salt Potatoes


Michael Schick said...

Yes! I can't wait! I was born in Syracuse and always loved salt potatoes but could never make them quite right.

Anthony Vaiana said...

Hey Chef John, do you think you could do a video of your kitchen? Show us why knives you have and cook wear and what you recommend we all should have?

A poster said...

Hi Chef:
Neat. Best to the good people of Syracuse. The Canary Islands (a Spanish territory) have been boasting about this since forever: papas arrugadas, which no one in his right mind ever calls

It is unique to the Canaries, with some special potato breed, used only for this preparation, and the tasty effects of the salt--intense flesh and fun skin like and old man's body part--are multiplied. The skin is peeled however, by the diner. A potato farmer someone told me the small purple potatoes, Negresse (so sue me), would perfect for this technique; I myself haven't tried them. Also, green mojo instead of butter...

Best wishes

cookinmom said... double dipping!! ;0)

A poster said...

Neat. Never knew that. No disrespect to the good people of Syracuse, but the Canary Islands (a territory of Spain) has been boasting since forever of their papas arrugadas, which no one in their right mind calls calls

They are boiled in salted water until all the water evaporates and have a wonderful meaty flavor, even more so than the Syracuse style. The skin becomes wrinklier than an old man's body part and is peeled away. Green mojo is best, I think.

Its fame, and tourist draw, is that it doesn't work with any potato breed except one unique to the Canaries. (Try it with those new potatoes and you'll find out.) A potato farmer told me it would work with the hard-to-find deep purple Negresse (so sue me) potato, but I haven't tried it.