Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jury Duty Update

I was asked to leave. Apparently, I'm not "jury box material." Oh well, I think we're all probably better off. Anyway, I'm working on a new Super Bowl dip recipe now, which should be up later tonight. And, yes, of course I'm going to predict the winner of the Big Game using chicken wing bones. Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Don’t waste you time chef John, it will be Seattle :)
Glad you got out of JD. I was there for two weeks until some defense
attorney asked me if his client “looked like a criminal” I said he doe’s not look like a lawyer to me. I was asked to step down.

Fall City, Wa.

Unknown said...

Good! A few years ago I got called for Jury Duty and was stuck for 1 month! I'm not sure about the other folks but I can't take 1 month without my Chef John!

SteveBass said...

AWWW. BTW, a couple of years ago, I had mentioned to you that my mother's late aunt had a manicotti crepe recipe that was out of this world. At one time she gave my mother the recipe and it was best manicotti that I ever had. The crepe did not taste like a crepe per se, but more like a noodle. They were absolutely out of this world. Unfortunately, my mom's aunt passed away and my mom lost the recipe. Is this something that you are familiar with? If not, could you do some investigating? My wife and I are avid readers of your blog and it would be nice if you could find it for us. Thanks a mil! By the way, some game last Sunday. I thought that it was over...not!

Scion said...

It's always easy to get out of jury duty if you don't want to be there. You can just say "if he wasn't guilty he wouldn't have been arrested." Another classic angle is to pretend you have a voice talking to you that only you can hear - now, it's risky - you'll definitely be excused, but the judge may not have a sense of humor and might order 72 hours "observation" at the local institution. :-)

GiGi Eats said...

I have to report for jury duty the first week in Feb - but I am hoping they dismiss me too because I am SOOOO NOT JURY DUTY material! lol!

Unknown said...

For me it has been all about the timing. Doing nothing for almost 2 years, no letters. Go to school to get off my backside. They send me a letter for 2 days before my final exam. Showed them what I needed to and got off the duty. Now searching for work, and of course when I could use the piddly income they give you, no letter. As SOON as I get a job though, there it will be! The letter I could have used after I graduated!

"No that person does not look like a lawyer OR POLITICIAN to me!" is a GREAT line! I may need to use it.