Thursday, May 28, 2015

Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy – Almost Chicken Croquettes

There are two kinds of chicken croquettes. They all have a crispy, deep-fried exterior, but some are firm, meaty, and nugget-like, while others are much softer and creamier. It was that second kind I was attempting here, and I got so close.

To make a long story short, I used too much butter, and milk, and while they did stay together enough to form the signature, golden-brown crust, the inside was positively sauce-like.

I had no intention of turning this classic into some kind of gimmicky attempt at a viral video, but as I ate them, I couldn’t help but think of how much they tasted like deep-fried chicken gravy. Yes, I sometimes put a little ham in my chicken gravy.

I’ve listed exactly what I used in the ingredient list below, and also a second version, which theoretically would come out closer to actual chicken croquettes. I hope you get this, or that, a try soon. Enjoy!

The Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy Version:
Makes about 16 appetizer sized portions
2 packed cups finely chopped cooked chicken meat
1/2 cup finely chopped ham
2 tbsp freshly chopped parsley
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/2 yellow onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 1/2 cups whole milk
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
pinch freshly ground nutmeg
pinch cayenne
1 tsp salt, plus more to taste

The More Like Chicken Croquettes Version:
Makes about 16 appetizer sized portions
2 packed cups finely chopped cooked chicken meat
1/2 cup finely chopped ham
6 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 yellow onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 cups whole milk
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
pinch freshly ground nutmeg
pinch cayenne
1 tsp salt, plus more to taste

For breading:
2 beaten eggs
flour as needed
2 cups bread crumbs


draceanaqueen said...

I don't see a single thing wrong with fried gravy.

Quinoline N said...

Can you please show us how to make potato balls with beef filling? Thank you!!!

Peter Nilsson said...

Bitterballen! A Dutch obsession........(but usually beef)

Yoshi said...

Chef John,
Wonderful recipe! Looks very delicious.
Next time can you try to make a very tradional Brazilian croquets (coxinha)? It is really popular there and would love to see how you make prepare it.
Thanks for your ideas and don't forget your puff pastry....

BigMike said...

Be careful Paula Deen doesn't steal this one...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a croquette normally involve the use of some form of rice? I am just thinking that the rice would be useful in stabilizing the mixture, and drawing some additional moisture from the bechamel. (Though if I did this I would probably use some diced smoked goose breast instead of ham, and toss some chives/parsley in the mixture just for some visual spark.)

Still looks good, and more importantly... Sparks other ideas.

Sofie230 said...

I'm salivating. Going to make these this weekend!!! Thanks, Chef.

rodentraiser said...

Imma gonna add cheese and bacon instead of the ham. Well, heck, maybe I could add cheese and bacon AND ham. Not saying this wouldn't be delicious without cheese and bacon, it's just that I like to get all the food groups in.

Anonymous said...

My mama used to make these with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. I loved them. Somehow she could get them to flatten out like salmon patties and shallow pan fry them. Delicious they were! I think her white sauce was a little thicker...closer maybe to the second ingredient list. Anyway, I hope to give these a try real soon and as always...enjoy! Thanks Chef!

Jamie White said...

I'm going to second Peter here. This is chicken bitterballen, although I think they are traditionally a little smaller (and beef like Peter said) and the sauce you end up frying may be a little moister (but not by much) than the traditional bitterballlen version.

Awesome idea. The Dutch can't be wrong on something so delicious sounding as frying gravy.

It'd be awesome if you did a follow-up beef version. Everything you do is trustworthy for a certain set of your followers (myself included), and us American's would probably trust your version of it better than some lanky Dutchman's (which is what I used and ended up being serviceable), which is the current guidance we get on bitterballen.

dijana said...

Similar to bitterballen, only with different protein. Looks and sounds delicious. Thank you

Chris K. said...

I do these Buffalo style, with a blue cheese-loaded bechamel and lots of Frank's hot sauce in the filling. WAY better than boneless chicken wings, which are a crime against nature. Have you ever seen a boneless chicken ranch? Horrible places.

While we're on croquettes, Chef - you ought to look for fried sauerkraut balls. It's a local thing from Columbus, OH. Sounds weird but they're so good I can't believe they never caught on in other parts of the country.

Anna banana said...

Looks very tasty!

Michael DePew said...

Holy crap, deep fried gravy dipped in a mayonnaise based sauce.

...I need to experience this...

Mohamed Monatser said...

Hello Chef John,

Perfect as always but i have a question for cow milk allergy.whats is the substitute or alternatives for butter and milk ?? appreciate your usual help and support.

Have a nice day.


Louise said...

Chef John,
Great recipe. You have taught me so much over the years and my family thanks you. What size ice cream scoop was used for this recipe? I have shopped for them in the past but there are so many sizes.

Pina Biundo said...

How do I get the full recipe with the directions. Thanks.

Chef John said...

Thanks! I think the scoop is 1/2 oz!

Olgalii. said...

i'm drooling over the thought of eating those tomorrow... and since i really want to indulge tomorrow, there's gonna be a small portion of mac n cheese with it. cause who needs vegetables and balance, right? RIGHT? i mean, i've earned it after exercising etc... LOL :D

no really now. It's a free day tomorrow in germany, so that's what long weekends are for, before eating all healthy etc. again :)

thank you for this great recipe! i can already imagine how good these are *-*

Ben said...

This is very similar to Dutch bitterballen:

DrChuck said...

I made this just now since my milk expiration date was 2 days ago and my butter wasn't getting used. My god they're so good, I can't stop eating it. Lucky for me I had some panko. Double dipped in panko to give it some structure, fried it golden and delicious and almost burned my tongue off.

etherdog said...

The first time I made these they came out good, but the chicken flavor was a little thin. So for the liquid I used 50% heavy cream and 50% chicken stock and it had much more chicken flavor. Next time I think I will add some thyme. Never cook the same thing twice! You are a great inspiration Chef John!

Jennifer Ellerman-Queen said...

My husband and I just made these tonight, and we loved them! A previous poster mentioned the lack of chicken flavor, so I added some chicken base to the bechamel. They came out crisp and tasty! We will definitely be making them again!

Joe Fitzpatrick said...

I made these when the recipe first appeared and they were amazing. I made then again today with cod instead of chicken and they were equally amazing.

Eldween Coutinho said...

Just trying to make it right at this moments. Thank you chef for the recipe. One Love from Aruba!!

Асен Георгиев said...

Amazing. I just made it. Thanks. Best regards from Bulgaria.

trublgrl said...

Chef John, you left out parsley in the "more like Chicken Croquettes" version. Was this on purpose, or just an omission?

S Stewart said...

I made them last night and had to improvise a little. I used some smoked pork shoulder I had instead of ham. I also used fresh oregano in place of the parsley since it was to late to get fresh. They turned out perfect! I used the second recipe and they were very meaty. I must confess I never made a Béchamel before and your video made it easy. You're videos have helped me up my cooking game, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Heh, The Iowa State Fair is always looking for new deep fried items. Figure out a way to put this on a stick and you could have the next new fair food!

Fiona Sorel said...

Hey, Chef John! Love the video and I plan on attempting these bad boys in the next few days. Is it possible to leave them in the fridge for a day or two before frying them up?

баба Света said...

Dear Chef John,

Two years ago, in one of Benahavis' 27 restaurants on Costa del Sol, we had delicious (long shape) creamy croquettes. When I asked the chef what was inside, she said: bechamel sauce. I tried to find a recipe online, even made them myself, but nothing worked.

That is why, I am very happy with this recipe of yours and am planning to make these creamy croquettes this weekend.

What sauce should I serve with it?

Thank you very much! You're the best!



баба Света said...

Dear Chef John!
I made the Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy croquettes and they were outstanding and tasted exactly like the croquettes we had in Costa del Sol in May 2015 (exactly the time you posted this wonderful recipe!:)

The balls were very easy to shape, bread, and deep-fry. It was amazing that during preparation the balls were hard enough but after deep-frying they were creamy and held inside just by the crust around them!

I am looking forward to your suggestion about the dressing for the croquettes since I am going to make them often!

Thanks a lot!!!


junebug said...

All the croquettes I've ever had in Spain are like deep-fried gravy (of various flavors), so I think you got it just right! They look amazing. Still waiting on that green aioli recipe . . . xox

FSIL India said...

I enjoyed your amazing recipes. Your recipes video quality is fine and it's very helpfully to make this "Creamy Chicken Gravy". I need some chicken indian recipes for my wife. Would you help me to give me some Indian recipes for my wife?

Mary Leon said...

This looks very yummy. I gotta come back over & over to this blog and get some great recipes.

Unknown said...

Made me think of chicken cordon bleu flavor profile from the ingredients. Curious about the flavor but it'll be a while before I might get to try this.

Deidrejw said...

Made this last night. It was a hit! I followed the recipe exactly. Great way to use up some left over chicken and ham which I just happened to have! I recommend.

Linda McLaughlin said...

These are excellent, I made the "more like croquettes" version and I thought it was still plenty loose. I suggest mustard with them though, rather than aioli, as they've very rich. I've used Stonewall Kitchen blue cheese mustard because I have no idea what to do with that mustard, but it was actually perfect. Also good with them is the spicy cheese dip from Auntie Anne's Pretzels. These videos are so entertaining and informative, thanks Chef John!