Friday, March 9, 2018

Kimchi Corned Beef – Adding Some Seoul to St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve always loved St. Patrick’s Day, since apparently that’s the only day of the year I get to eat corned beef and cabbage. Besides the copious amounts of salt, nitrates, and fat, I have no idea way we’re not eating this stuff a couple times a week. Anyway, because this is usually an annual thing, most folks make it the same way, year after year, but that’s never been my M.O. I like to think of ways to creatively tweak the recipe, so that while I’m enjoying my new creation, I can think about how much I’d wished I just boiled it in water, with that little packet. 

What I’m trying to say is, not every attempt has been a homerun. Or whatever a homerun in Irish hurling is. This, however, was a success. The spicy, fermented cabbage, added a lot of extra savoriness, and not only to the meat, but even more so to the vegetables.  The potatoes especially soaked up a surprising amount of flavor, and may have been my favorite part of the whole dish.

I used a corned beef made from the round, instead of the traditional brisket, which worked out much better than I thought it would. If you do decide to go this lower fat option, be sure not to cook it too long. The fork should pierce the meat without too much force, but we do not want to meat falling apart, as it will become dry and chalky. Chances are you’re going to use a brisket anyway, which is much more forgiving, but something to keep in mind if you do go with the round. Either way, I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 6 portions:
1 ready to cook corned beef (mine was about 3 1/2 pounds)
4 cups kimchi, not drained
1 cup cold water or as needed
2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes, quartered
3 large carrots, cut in large chunks
2 ribs celery, cut in large chunks
green onions to garnish


MaggieMae860 said...

For the past three days, I've been making food from your site. We've been in Heaven. Truly. Thank you. With a little trepidation, I'm going to try this one. How exciting!

Sullivan's Papa said...

Hello Chef John,
Your work has made into a Foodie and my wife and family are pleased with my "hobby"!
My FoodWish is a dish called Jerusalem Chicken not the Baked but the Pan version.
Anyway I as well as many others do Enjoy your work!

Chuck Boren III said...

Do you think a "slow cooker" set to high would work here?

Mama4Christ said...

This is a little off topic, but when you mentioned about the potatoes being so flavorful, it reminded me of another YT'er I watch - Mike Chen, Strictly Dumpling, who says he orders potatoes with his hot pot because they soak up so much flavor. I love watching your videos. My 12 year old son says your voice is the "friendliest, most generic voice" he's ever heard. I think it's a compliment. Thanks for the videos!

Brigade Fifteen said...

Your website produces messages saying “website certificate configured incorrectly,” or something of that sort. You should probably look into fixing this, because it will deter some people from visiting your Foodwishes blog.

Giby said...

Thank you. I did need a new corned beef and I didn't know it! will do.

Me said...

Make lebanese sfiha!!

Glauco said...

Chef John, can you post a video someday on a easy to make kimchi. If possible with simular ingredients (or at least the minimum mandatory ingredients).

Also, been wanting to ask you if you could post someday one of my favorite cookies recipe: the dutch Speculas (speculoos). I really want to make them at home.