Saturday, July 7, 2018

Chef John is on Vacation

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be on vacation for the next week or so, and really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. I'm sure I'll do some cooking, since it's always fun to experiment with new recipes without the pressure of having to film and edit them at the same time. Who knows, some of them may even end up making it onto the channel. 

I may also brush up on my golf game, which is currently not good. As you can see from the video below, I really need to learn how to hit the ball the right way, and not backwards between my legs. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing break, and suggest you use this time to catch up on any and all videos you may have missed. We have a ton. Thank you, and stay tuned!


Sullivanspapa said...

I'm not a golfer but isn't that called "punting" the ball?

Happy Cook said...

I love your jokes almost as much as I love your recipes and demos. I would like to know if I can make small individual pizzas with your sauce and no-knead dough recipes and freeze them so I can bake one whenever I want. Do you have any suggestions for best results with freezing/baking?

Thanks very much, and I hope you have a good vacation!

Alexis from New York

Sullivanspapa said...

Chef John,
In all fairness you have changed my perspective on cooking at home 180 degrees! For the longest time I was into woodworking and enjoyed that immensely but due to arthritis in both hands I'm forced to forego that interest.
The scope and depth of your work speaks for itself, of which I am One of Many who have benefited from your work HOWEVER, you are well compensated for your efforts now and well into the future.
This specific posting is peevish and self serving, perhaps it is time for you to start shilling for manufacturers and food manufacturers.

Unknown said...

have fun
on your vacation

Unknown said...

Lookin' good there, Chef John! Have a great time, travel safe, and don't worry about us. There's plenty here to keep us busy!

Fan said...

Im a little annoyed that you didnt end the post with "and as always, enjoy."

Unknown said...

Hi, Hope you are enjoying your time off and not reading this while relaxing. Just wanted you to know I caught this today - and you are known in Italy! That news is not all good, but I'm still excited for you! I still love your vlogs. PS you don't have to print this it really was just for you.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your vacation! Grateful for all you do.

Unknown said...

Nice. Have fun. Looking forward to your return.

Wretched1 said...

Hey Chef, when you get back can you come up with a good recipe for a 7 Bone Steak/Roast?

Wretched1 said...

I meant also know as 7 Bone Chuck Steak.

Unknown said...

Just make sure you do not pull a "Phil Mickleson"! One challenge... Can you do a classic New England Clam Bake? On the grill, backyard pit, or in the safety of your kitchen!

فرمهر فرهودی said...

Chef John, do you know about this:
They have translated your Falafel video without mentioning you or the FoodWishes! 😡

Unknown said...

Have a great break Chef John. Have some well deserved
down time.

I have just come across your videos and blogs and am
real big fan from over the 'pond'. I am devouring voraciously
your videos (appropriate for a food blog) so your downtime
will help me catch up.

Boyd from Norwich UK.

The Willy Mayes of Bolognese said...

what can I say except, ENJOY!

Debbie said...

Come back! We’re starving! Hahahaha

Captain Nemo said...

Thanks for the outstanding culinary education! You have improved my cooking immeasurably. Enjoy your vacation!
I found your 'Out Of Office' Blog as funny as your cooking videos. You are the MOST affable cooking host on the web!

Unknown said...

Dear Chef John i'm disabled and completely bedbound. I spend alot of time looking up recipes and i love literally everything about your recipe videos, from your voice to the jokes you make and the ability to admit when something you tried didn't quite work out (normally they do!).

I get alot of entertainment even if my mom is tired of me telling her "mom look at this recipe and make what Chef John making!"

Hope you had a great vacation, and yes i know i'm late!

Sincerely Shane From Bed:)

Unknown said...

Hi from France!
I do love your show, I wish you the nicest vacation!

So I thought,
Perhaps you might try a recipe that I love : "Poulet au Roquefort" or Chicken with blue cheese "Roquefort" sauce!

Because it is one of my best meal, I tell you a little secret :
After you melt the cheese (maybe 150 gr for a mild flavor) on medium heat with a quarter cup of liquid cream,just add two or three drop of black soy sauce.
Suddenly! The ugly color of the green-ish sauce turn light brown and trust me on this : it's create an all new flavor, with a hint of mushroom, earthy taste and its complements absolutely well with chicken breast and fresh linguine.
It is one of my favorite dish, along with a secret Lobster recipe (which is mainly Persil, fresh salted butter, and a lot of Cognac).

I which you the best and tell me if you tried my twist on this French specialty!!