Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cheesecake Flan – False Advertising Has Never Tasted So Good

I tried to create a flan that tastes like cheesecake, but ended up with a cheesecake that tastes like flan, and yet I wasn’t disappointed in the least. While this may not have lived up to its enticing name, it was still one of the most delicious flans I’ve ever had.

Based on a cream cheese flan, I thought the addition of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and some graham cracker crumbs, would create the perfect hybrid, but our caramelized sugar had other ideas. It’s amazing how such a thin layer of caramel can dominate the other flavors, but that’s exactly what happened here, and if we really wanted a “cheesecake flan,” we’d need to omit that from the recipe.

Except if we did that it wouldn’t be a flan, and we’d have to call it “cheesecake custard.” So, let’s move past the name, and simply focus on what a great dessert this really was. I’ll probably skip the crumbs next time, since they didn’t add much, and annoyingly soaked up the pool of caramel on the plate. But, regardless of whether you include the crust, or what you decide to call it, I really do hope you give this gorgeous recipe a try soon. Enjoy!

Makes 4 Cheesecake Flans:
Please Note: I used four 5.5 ounce ramekins, and had a little custard mixture leftover, so you can probably get 5 out of this recipe if you use a slightly smaller ramekin, or fill them with less batter.

For the ramekins:
1 teaspoon melted butter or vegetable oil to grease ramekins
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons white sugar, caramelized to an amber color over medium heat

For the custard:
1/2 cup room temp cream cheese
2 tablespoons finely grated parmesan
3 large eggs, beaten
3/4 teaspoon vanilla
pinch of salt
1/2 cup white sugar
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons milk

For the crumb crust:
1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
3 tablespoons melted butter


AVPerry said...

If I might suggest maybe a little lemon zest in the custard?

Andrew said...

How does this compare to your Crème Caramel recipe? That recipe has been one of my favorite and most used recipes of all time!

Chuck said...

You are, after all, the Chef John of your flan.

Ragg said...

Hey Chef. Not sure if all-recipes.us is a part of allrecipes.com which you feature in your YT description. But since they cut out the intro and outro from your Video and haven't left any other credit to your work i thought i might let you know that they are using your work. Hit me up if you want a direct link to it.

Bob bowen said...

We’re is the instructions on how to make it????

PabanZone said...

I am just made this with your instruction s and just love this. thanks a lot for sharing.

anniversary wishes for frineds

IndiRecipes Blog said...

Cheesecake looking ...yum Thanks for sharing a such a good and tasty recipe, keep sharing such a new and interesting recipes.
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Kate M. said...

Chef John,
I love your recipes!! Could I make this the day before? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Chef John. I'm trying to be the Obi-Wan of this Cheesecake Flan.

Is there any way to make this as a "full-size" cheesecake, instead of doing it in ramekins? I'm just trying to be a rame-can, not a rame-can't. How would you adjust the cook times/amounts?

TheriV said...

Hello! My son and I were just having a debate last night about flan. Personally, I think they are gross, even though I do like custardy things. I think this may be a 'must try' for us. I have recently tried a few of your recipes and we have watched several of your videos. Our family loves you! I am originally from Upstate NY (Erie Co) so that is a bonus.
I saw your video interview from last June and was curious if you have found out what a kolache is? Czech, by the way, my in-laws are nuts about foods from the 'old country', and his aunt makes them and sells them around the holidays.
Thanks for helping me figure out what to make for dinner at those times I am at a loss for something and don't want to make the same old thing!