Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sweet Hot Mustard Slaw – It’s All About the “Cassage”

I’m not particularly picky about my coleslaws, and as long as they’re properly made, I enjoy a wide variety of flavors and combinations, but this mustard slaw may be my fav. The combo of hot and sweet has a proven track record in palate pleasing, and that’s especially true when we’re talking about a cold salad.

Of course, how sweet, and how hot will be up to your personal tastes, as well as what you’re going to serve this with. If I’m going to toss this next too some spicy grilled sausages, then I will tone down the punch, whereas if I’m topping a sweet, smoky pulled pork sandwich, I might be a little more aggressive, like I was here.

Regardless of what exactly you put in yours, the key here is salting, and massaging your cut cabbage first (aka “cassage”). This not only draws out water, which actually sweetens up the flavor, but it also produces a flexible, yet still crunchy texture, which I think is lacking in many other “chop and mix” recipes.

I realize we’ve done coleslaws where we skip this step, which is fine if you slice your cabbage thin, and serve it relatively quickly, but for what I refer to as “real” coleslaw, the extra ten minutes is well worth it. Plus, once preserved in this way, your coleslaw will not only last days, but maybe get even better.

By the time I’d topped my soon to premiere boneless baby back rib sandwich, this slaw had been in the fridge for almost two days, and had developed even more flavor, while still retaining it’s raw crispness. So, stay tuned for that video, but in the meantime, I really do hope you give this great, hot and sweet mustard slaw a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 portions:
1 pound cabbage, cut in 1/2 inch slices
1 tablespoon kosher salt

For the dressing:
1/4 cup mayo
2 tablespoons Dijon
1 tablespoon grain mustard
1 to 2 tablespoons honey, or to taste
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon cayenne, or to taste
fresh chives to garnish


KWL said...

Hi Chef John,

A quick helpful note, I hope. Then a request, if you please.

First both Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers are complaining when trying to connect to this website, referring to a significant security concern, invalid certificate posing as this website and therefore likely stealing information. With that warning I'm sure a fair few coming to this blog are scared away. And, of course, would be something you'd want your provider to resolve.

Secondly, my request. Really enjoy your YouTube videos, a lot of fun, truly delicious recipes, good info and advice. That being the case, there would be no one else I would trust for this, and it would be especially great if you would provide a series of No or Very Low Carb recipes. I ask because I find myself at the age where I have become very allergic to Carbohydrates. Which is just a slightly more fun way of saying I've become insulin insensitive, depending how you think of it. A rose by any other name.

So, while I enjoy watching all your food videos, I'm left sorely jealous of those recipes that I'd love to try but simply can't touch. Truly wish I'd come across your channel even 5 years ago.

Honestly, I'm hoping this comes across as an interesting challenge, there are many of us reaching an age where we simply cannot indulge sugars or carbohydrates, as well as all those who are engaging in, what I now know as "Keto" or "Paleo" diets, which I understand are low and no carb diets. The point being, not only those like myself but those engaging in those diets would benefit.

For me, I simply switched to a "Protein and Green" diet as a means to address some difficult health and well-being challenges, which, within 2-3 days, so improved my well-being, there is simply no going back. I now limit to less that 20 grams of carbohydrates per day (which likely actually comes in at less than 50. It's not easy to find a variety and avoid those carbs).

But, it's not easy working out good recipes with the substitutes that are being suggested for Pasta, Bread, Crackers, Pancakes, Waffles, Tacos, Desserts, etc..., etc.... All of which I miss very much and would love to have back in my life (fyi, for me the pinnacle of fine cuisine is an excellently done, traditional baguette), but, sifting through all the vegan, paleo, keto, political-diet X, political diet Y, mythical, magical gumbo-jumbo is just counter-productive. Coconut flour? Cauliflower Flour? Almond flour? Cloud Bread? The food I've tried so far is probably a Vegan's dream but, not mine. So, please; Help!

And, a bit of a repeat for clarity, you are the one I trust to work out good food that is no/low-carb.

Understandably, your philosophy of food may make this a non-starter, but I hope very much you see this as a compelling challenge and provide some of your favorites or appropriate to the challenge favorites, as no/low-carb versions.

Thank You,
KW Landry

Shaya said...

You know the dressing is good when you spontaneously burst into dance when tasting it. Nailed it! said...

I can't wait to get going with this wonderful slaw dish,as I was searching for print icon I failed to find it. Possibly you could reply and direct me as to where I can print your receipe? said...

Love this slaw recipe.
Where can I go to print it please?

David M

Unknown said...


So I am making this for the 1st time. Since I had 10 minutes to stare off into space while cassaging, I began to wonder why 10 minutes?

What happens in the last 5 minutes that hasn't already happened in the first 5 minutes?

Unknown said...

oops...never mind dyslexic

Will said...

Looks great! How far in advance can you make this? Also, any other veggies that would go well with the cabbage?

Clayton said...

Dear Chef John:

Is this where I submit my Food Wish? You did an instructional video on salt. It was great. Could you do one on butter? 'Cause here's where I'm coming from: 90% of recipes that call for butter never specify whether to use salted butter or unsalted butter. Is unsalted the default? If so, can I use salted and just back off any salt called for by the recipe? How much salt is in each tablespoon of salted butter? Doesn't any of it all even matter? What should I be doing if striving for perfection?

Thank you for hours of entertainment, education, and inspiration. Hope you read this and can come through for me.

Warm Regards,

Unknown said...

Man that looks great but have you ever thought of making some Haitian pikliz I would love to see your take on it

SusiAngelArtist said...

Another good dish! I made pulled pork in the crock pot. Everyone was asking me "Why are you making coleslaw to go with it?". I said, "Just wait.". Then after dinner they were all "I LOVE this coleslaw with the pork!".

Now I need to figure out pulled pork sandwiches with the very little pulled pork that lasted the night. :p

Mike said...

A recipe so nice I've made it twice. Thanks Chef John!

ReptileDog, LLC said...

Chef John,
I made this recipe about a month ago to go with crock-pot pulled pork and it was a hit. I was requested to make it again today! I will be making a small addition to it in the form of a thinly sliced jalapeno pepper and some apple slices.
Keep up the great recipes.

Sally said...

Answer to David M. ( - Chef John's recipes are on where you can easily print them off. Except this's not there yet. I'm not sure what the turn-around time is from when Chef posts to his blog and AllRecipes picks it up, so keep watching. But, you can always print off other recipes of his you'd like to try! Enjoy!

charmed1 said...

Where do you but your produce? My cabbage had more white then green leaves. I seemed very dense.

Unknown said...

I just use this dressing for already cut/shredded bagged slaw mix from the store. Excellent, and makes for a really quick slaw that goes well with anything.
Love the tangy taste.
TY chef John.