Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Pancakes – Forget About It!

I was browsing the web for some pumpkin recipe ideas, when came across this lovely looking stack of pancakes. I clicked the image link to see who was responsible for such sexy seasonality, and as I watched some blog called “Food Wishes” load, I realized I'd clicked on one of my own recipes. 

I guess after doing over 750 videos I’m allowed to forget about one once in a while. Besides, the beautiful photography threw me off.

Anyway, I figured it was the universe’s way of telling me to repost it, since it’s the perfect time of year to give those flapjacks a pumpkin makeover. You can get the ingredients, and read the original post here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

"Your own picture" lol! That was good!
You have very good taste;)
I need to get the pumpkin, wishing I already had it. These will be a welcome change from the plain pancakes.
Can't thank you enough for re-posting! <3

Anonymous said...

Hello Chef John!

I have a pumpkin-related foodwish. Could you make no-bake pumpkin cheesecake at some point? I have one formulating in my mind involving canned pumpkin, cream cheese, and whipped cream as the main ingredients for the filling, but am a little trepid to try it out not knowing the exact ration each would have to be. Pretty please?

robin said...

LOL!!!! Good one! We New Yawkuhs have such a way with the language! Never thought of pancakes as "sexy" before, but, there you are.

Darren Tran said...

I love the fact that you bring back old recipe videos Chef John. seen these before but it's so awesome to see it again when the pumpkin season is coming! Thanks!

Angelina said...

Chef John!

Can I make waffles from this recipe?!

Chef John said...

Not sure, never tried!

Greeter said...

These are fabuloso! The citrus touches are the key!!

Dan and Hilary said...

Quick question Chef John. how do you prep a fresh pumpkin? Clean it, cut it, roast it and scoop it?

Had my Halloween pumkin laying aroiund and never carved it, figured I'd try to eat it!

Chef John said...

Yes, roast and purée, BUT don't waste your time! Regular pumpkins are terrible. Bland and not sweet.