Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Flipping the Banana

Due to some technical difficulties (that I won’t bore you with) I don’t have a new clip for you to enjoy today. And if you’re thinking that I probably had a great new clip all ready and then lost it, like an idiot, because I don’t really know how to use all the new equipment yet, well, that’s definitely not what happened! By the way, does anyone know if they sell Nerf Computers? Man I’d love to kick one of those around for a couple of hours.

Besides, YouTube has been acting finicky all week and even if I had a clip ready, you may not have seen it for a while. So, hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with an exciting new video recipe clip. In the meantime, instead of getting mad I’m going to, as Ned Flanders would say, “turn that frown upside-down,” or as we say in the food business “flip the banana!” The photo was sent to me by regular viewer who found it on Enjoy!

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