Monday, June 25, 2007

A Viewer Submission Regarding a Chef's Admission

I received a very complimentary email today from a couple of viewers, Natalia and Jody, who told me they had just made the Orange Chicken. If you saw that clip, you heard me lamenting about using orange peppers instead of red. I thought that red would have made for a much nicer looking final plate. Well, these two lovely ladies thought it would be nice to attach a photo of their version, WITH red peppers, in an obvious attempt to make me feel worse than I did already. Thanks a lot! By the way, it looked like you did a very nice job with the recipe, and it looked nice on the blue plate. All kidding aside, thanks for the email and picture.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but they didnt cut the peppers in cool triangle shapes like you did!

Chef John said...

That's true... OK, I feel better now.

Chef John said...

OOOPS!!! Sorry, I was just informed that Jody is a man! It's a Dutch thing. Anyway, sorry about my incorrect assumption. I'm sure you're a lovely couple all the same.