Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Almost That Time! So, Make Your Own Crust and Don't Screw-up the Mashed Potatoes

Those daunting holiday dinners are just around the corner, and while I'm unfortunately still in "can't film any new clips" mode for a few more days, I thought I would post some reruns that may be of use this time of the year. No, I'm not doing a turkey demo. That's the easiest part of the meal. The Food Network's army of talking heads will be doing every recipe and technique ever invented, ad nauseum, for the next few weeks. Not to mention the 8 million how-to-cook-the-perfect-turkey web pages.

So, I'm showing you some of the "harder" things. How to make a simple piecrust, my technique for perfect mashed potatoes, and a few vegetable sides to serve instead of the canned green beans with the canned fried onions. Anyway, here are some links to check out before it's too late:

Home-made Pie Crust: It's NOT that hard.
Mashed Potatoes: Please don't serve gluey potatoes
Roast Sweet Potatoes: So easy, so delicioius
Herb Potato Wedges: Tired of mashed? Check out this old, but delicious clip
Broccoli Gratin: Don't even try to count the calories
Spaghetti Squash: Healthy can be tasty!
Brussel Sprouts: Stop making that face
Stuffed Squash: An excuse to eat more goat cheese
5-Spice Carrots: 5 times better than 1-spice carrots

Enjoy! Lastly, I'm sorry if I don't reply to your comments instantly. It just means I've passed out for a few minutes and will get back to you as soon I come to.
photocredit (c) purpleslog


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean the "harder"things", not thing? My family does green beans and mushrooms.We might have roasted garlic mashed potatoes (to die for literally),turkey, ham(from the honey baked ham place),mac and cheese,cornbread,and cheesecake or pie. whew! maybe both. Ahh...who cares it's thanks giving and time to splurge on the good stuff?Am I right or am I right? Thanx for the videos,

Anonymous said...

what happened? Why did you pass out?!

Chef John said...

oops! yes, "harder things" is better. Sounds like a great meal!!

Chef John said...

just kidding re: passing out, refers to feverishly trying to finish About website - see prev. post for more info.

Anonymous said...

whew! for a moment I thought you really passed out! Isn't your wife like your sous chef? Is she helping you? Yep it is going to be a good meal indeed. *burp* Mmmmm, mashed potatoes,and gravy and corn!

Anonymous said...

If this was about fixing a meal, preparing a dish, or anything to do with actually cooking, there would be no exhaustive all-nighters. Chef John is not preparing his American Foods website for on the stove - he "developing" it with a computer, a camera and a mic. Patience and support are his best assistants and I'm sure his "sous chef" wife is doing her best to provide that.

Chef John said...

actually I wish there was some camera and mic involved, this phases is ALL computer. And yes my sous chef has a full time day job but helps quite a bit.

Chargeorge said...

I'm not sure what I'll be cooking at thanksgiving (spending it in the Bahama's), but many of these dishes jsut get me in the mood for fall foods.

I love those long slow braises, winter squash, sweet potatoes. Damn, I want some pot roast.

Can't wait to try your roasted sweet pot. recipe, I steam and mash em with butter and chipotle (in adobo) and it comes out great, so that roasted method looks dang fine.