Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrating Memorial Day

I've always felt a little guilty celebrating Memorial Day by enjoying delicious barbecue and drinking cold beer. Part of me thinks maybe we should really honor our veterans by eating some of those freeze-dried, ready-to-eat meals, paired with warm water (from the tap, no bottles from Fiji)…chipped beef anyone? An army travels on its stomach, so be sure to remember all the brave cooks and chefs that have made the ultimate sacrifice while feeding our troops in times of war.

This photo by Jorge Gomez, shows two soldiers participating in the U.S. Army's Culinary Arts Competition. I don't know if these guys would beat the Iron Chefs, but they could certainly kick their ass. While most chefs act like they are risking their l
ives to grill your portabella mushroom, these brave cooks actually are.


Anonymous said...

mmmm MRE (military-ready-to-eat) meals.

Does the Air Force really serve the best meals? Does anyone know which branch really serves the best and the worst?

Thanks to all that serve. I hope we learn to take better care of you, for your service, and just as importantly, accord more attention on how to avoid putting you in harms way.

jessica.celion said...

air force will have best meal...

jasmine celion

Anonymous said...

I was told that MRE are not as awful at first but quickly become very tiresome because of their undertone of a SPAM-like preservative curing agent. You open the damned thing and know exactly how every mouthful will taste.

Unknown said...

MRE = Meals Ready to Eat.
The Airforce does indeed serve the best food, but the Navy is a close second. I've never had Marine chow, and the Army's is ok.

I love some MREs but the do get extremely boring after a while. They try to pep things up every once in a while by adding in M&Ms or Skittles, hot sauce, red pepper flakes, "Italian seasoning" stuff like that. So it's not always bland, but they do get boring when you've had all the types a hundred times each (except the vegetarian omelet, which looks, tastes, and smells like play-doh).