Friday, July 18, 2008

Slow Your Roll!

No, not that roll, the one you're using to make that hamburger. That all-American sandwich you're building - with the corn-fed, hormone-infused beef - the mealy, tasteless tomatoes from Mexico - the pesticide-protected lettuce trucked in from thousands of miles away - the high fructose corn syrup-spiked salad dressing, that serves as your "secret sauce" - that sandwich is one reason the slow food movement was born.

I'm going to cover the first annual Slow Food Nation '08 event, being held here is San Francisco, and encourage those of you in the area to attend. In case you are not familiar with the slow food movement, this is from the SFN website, "Slow Food Nation is dedicated to creating a framework for deeper environmental connection to our food and aims to inspire and empower Americans to build a food system that is sustainable, healthy and delicious." They had me at "food."

They've put together a tremendous program. There's the Food for Thought teaching and discussion series, featuring heavyweights Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and the man who started it all, Carlo Petrini (see clip below), and, what I'm most looking forward to, the Taste Pavilions!

There will be 15 distinct pavilions which SFN promises will "…present an unprecedented opportunity to sample the regional foods of America, with products from every state hand-picked by ‘curators’ who are nationally recognized experts in a particular type of food." For a grazing foodie, it doesn’t get any better than that. I hope to see you there!

This is Carlo Petrini, founder of the International Slow Food Movement, discussing food and underwear. (more proof that everything sounds better in Italian!)


Anonymous said...

I really need to move to SF! :(

Anonymous said...

funny clip - i've never heard it put quite that way. I wonder what Armani thinks??

SKW said...

Hi! Taking a first time trip to SF with my husband Nov 6-10. I'm 24, he'll be 30 (this is a suprise birthday trip). So, we have 4 nights to eat dinner. We are staying at the Orchard Hotel (is that good?) and I would love your advice on restaurants. Where are the "must" places to eat for a first timer? Thanks c.j.m.!

Chef John said...

The Orchard Hotel, ah yes, that's the place that's supposed to be haunted - i guess they build it on an old Indian burial ground. I hear it's very nice.

As far as food goes - Soooooo many choices. It really depends on tastes and budget. The best thing to do is check, do a restaurant search for SF, and then you can sort for price, food, ethnic, etc. There are tons of current reviews there which are great to read and get ideas.

Check out the Ferry Building (lots of foodies shops and restaurants), and stay away from fisherman's wharf.

Welcome and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

What a great event.

Anonymous said...

If you're willing to drive up to Vacaville here's a very low key place that celebrates the Slow Food movement with a tomato day.
I've been twice & it's very hometown.
PS visit downtown Vacaville too.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious as a foodie and traditional/slow food mom -- would love to attend this. Thanks for your recipes with REAL food -- this is a great blog.
Lisa "Your Daily Foothold to Happiness"