Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesdays with Wolfgang

Many of you responded to my request a few months ago for questions to ask chef Wolfgang Puck, who I was assigned to do an interview with for I got so much great feedback, and used many of the questions in this interview. Thanks!

If you are interested, here is the link to
the entire interview on my American Food site. In addition to agreeing to an interview, he will also be sharing some of his signature recipes. The first being his world famous pizza dough!

Yes, I feel a video recipe coming on. Enjoy!

Photo (c) 2009 Wolfgang Puck


Anonymous said...

I read all the Q/A, and the interview was interesting.

I have some questions are for you:

Were you nervous or did you feel intimidated speaking with him"

Do you think he was impressed with your questions, or did it come across that he has already answered all possible questions in other interviews?

Did he know you are also a trained chef, and write/video a blog about cooking?

Do you think he's peaked in here, at Foodwishes?

Chef John said...

It was done over the net, so no intimidation or sense of what he thought. I would be shocked if as busy as he is he knows about me or this blog...yet.

milkshake said...

I was rather put off by his robotic self-confidence in this interview.

Nachos Rule Forever said...

yeah agreed. he didn't really seem like a real person. the questions really loaned themselves to that, too. once in a while he did. oh well, i mean, he probably did 4,000 interviews..