Friday, February 12, 2010

Orangette Tarte ala La La

This video recipe for Orangette Tarte is from my new friend Chef Leslie Newton, from Lala Cooks. I think this classic combination would look very sexy on your Valentine's Day dinner table. She's just starting out in the video recipe game, so I thought I would give her a little taste of the smart, funny, and good-looking group of people that makes up this blog's readership. You can check out her blog here. Enjoy!

I'm going to have a quick and easy chocolate truffle video recipe up tomorrow for you slackers who failed in any and all other attempts to do something romantic for your better halves. It's almost unfair how much love you'll get back if you make a batch for your sweetie, but hey, that's chocolate for you. Stay tuned!


Aaron De La Torre said...

"Ouch. I lost some of my fingertips on the mandalin and burnt the others on the sugar..."

I can see it now.

Nicely shot video though. I think once she gets into it it should be good.

Grams Pam said...

The tart looks wonderful! I love the taste of orange and chocolate together.

I really enjoyed the little "insets" showing blending dry ingredients together as the large image showed adding them to the mixing bowl and adding the orange syrup to the melted chocolate/egg whites.

Also, you did a nice job with tips about making the recipe as directed or "in a hurry" using ingredients on hand, substitutions or store-bought.

There are some things that might have been more helpful (please don't take as a "slam" I really do wish you success!)

If you instruct to stir chocolate "occasionally" the video probably shouldn't show you stirring constantly.

Perhaps clarification "wipe the sugar off the side of the pot BEFORE putting heat to it, so the sugar won't burn on the sides" and do you really think an online video is the best place to demonstrate the soft ball technique shown? (I worry about liability issues)

Best wishes, Chef "Lala" Leslie!

Seth G said...

CJ, neat video - thanks for sharing! And good on her for making a mousse with a real-deal cooked Italian meringue. Also loved the ginger in the chocolate - nice touch!

By the way, I was in SF last week for work and thanks for having GORGEOUS weather! I'm back in DC now with 15 inches of snow on the ground. Oh well, I'll make the tart to console myself.

Anonymous said...

Do you eat the skin? :P

Chef John said...

yes, it's candied

Chef Leslie said...

Thanks for all your comments! Seth, I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm a little sick of the snow! Hope you enjoy the tart. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chef, I totally understand you promoting smart, funny, and good looking chef bloggers on foodwishes. After all, you are one!

Sarah said...

I think I missed something. After you do the ice test on the sugar and take it off the heat, what do you do with it? I assume you combine it in some way with the oranges? Did you show that and I missed it?

Chef John said...

Sorry, this wasn't my video. You'll have to follow link back to her blog. Thanks!