Friday, February 5, 2010

We've Made the ABC News Top 10 Super Foods for Super Bowl Sunday!

Our little slider recipe video is number six on a list of 10 Super Bowl foods as chosen by the ABC News / Health + Wellness Center! Okay, so don't let the name fool you – it wasn't picked for its nutritional value, but for its proven ability to rock your game day buffet table.

Since this is ABC's Health channel, in addition to the recipes, you can check the caloric value of each item so, as they say in the post, "you'll know just how many hours you'll have to spend in dance class, miles you'll have to bike and laps you'll have to swim to work off Sunday's food fest." Don't worry, it will be totally worth it.

This list was written by Monica Nista, and keeper of Mona’s Apple.

Don't forget we have our own list of Super Bowl snacks, including some of the best chicken wing video recipes, ever.


Basia said...

And you'll be bringing a tray of these over at what time? I wanna be ready... ;)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! You could've been chosen for all... one through 10!

KrisD said...

w00t, you da chef!


Unknown said...

Way to go!!!