Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frick Sunday

Just a very quick update from gloriously sunny Sonoma, where the 2010 Passport event has just concluded. It was another smashing success, and over the last two days we fed a staggering 1,200 people. Michele was amazing as usual, and so were my in-laws Peggy and Al who always come through like champs.

And n
ow my favorite part of the weekend – a quintessentially-Sonoma, post-Passport dinner with winemaker extraordinaire, Bill Frick and his family. We get to relax, trade war stories and a few laughs, and enjoy some of the best food and wine anywhere on earth. We'll be back in the city tomorrow, so stay tuned for a proper recap, and a bunch of exciting new videos!

This wisteria-draped wine barn was where we paired the food and wine, and my only regret is that I couldn't have taken this photo in the proper light.

P.S. I haven't even begun to catch up on emails and comments, so if you are waiting for a reply, thanks for your patience, and check back in if you don't hear from me. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful place.
looking forward to an update:)