Thursday, April 1, 2010

What If Your Chef Was Your Doctor?

This delicious spiced and smoked leg of lamb with red wine sauce comes compliments of my friend Heidi from the fabulous food blog Savory TV. It features chef Michael Fenster, who, by the way, is also a Board Certified Cardiologist!

Check out Heidi's great post here, and read all about Doctor Fenster, as well as get the written recipe in case you want to give this a try for Easter. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that this person is a nice guy, and is knowledgeable, but I am so spoiled by the way you treat us to your well-spoken, and well filmed instructional video recipes, that it was too hard to watch this past the first minutes.

Thanks Chef John for all you do on this blog, for the entertainment, and for giving me the confidence to try new things and new ways to cook.

I hope you, and your family, have a great holiday weekend.

The Easter Bun.E

Kelly Toon said...

Chef John,

In the past two days, I have used your wisdom to prepare:

Sloppy Joes next to roasted sweet potato crescents w/ thyme)

Easter Bread w/ frosting

Grilled salmon with chimichurry sauce, on a bed of field greens,


~~~Roasted Artichokes~~~
*falls over* This recipe has changed my life. I have been a devout artichokeaholic since the age of seven, and I will NEVER prepare them any other way, from this night onwards (until I learn how to grill them, anyway). No more steamed 'chokes for me! I can't wait to roast them with tangy hot peppers stuffed in with the garlic.

CHEF JOHN IS DA MAN! Happy Easter, Lord Love You!

Chanelle said...

Hehehe He swaps to saying "veal" when he starts cooking the Shallots. I love lamb recipies, YUMMMM.

I can't wait for your book to come out chef John, I will have it on pre-order as soon as I can.

Adriana A. said...

Yes! At last! Let me explain my excitement: I'm in medschool right now, and i love to cook! I would be a chef if i didn't love medschool more! I love that this man and future colleage followed his passion for cooking so far he went to a culinary institute.
I admire Chef Michael very much, but you my friend, are the king of video food bloggers!

Anonymous said...

I think posting this video was your subtle way of showing how inferior other video recipes are compared to yours.

You do really good work. Your site is neat and tidy and your videos are well done. Foodwishes definitely stands out among food blogs. Your hard work is evident and appreciated. A big thank you from a young cook!

Unknown said...

he used "fresh salt" ooooooo wow