Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food & Wine's 2010 Best New Chefs Dinner Photo Recap

Sure, those dark, blurry Twitpics I psoted last night were nice, but here's what the Food & Wine's Best New Chefs' food really looked like. Congratulations to Jonathon Sawyer and his fromage blanc raviolini for taking home the title!

Here's what these ten incredibly talented chefs created for this very special event:

Roy Choi, Kogi BBQ Truck - Chego meatball in sesame leaf, sweet and spicy sauce, and polenta:

Matt Lightner,
Castagna - hearts of Walla onion with BBQ onion glaze, smelt roe:

Clayton Miller, Trummer's on Main - pork terrine, pickled tomatillo, smoked mayo:

Missy Robbins, A Voce - Strachiatella cheese, lamb pancetta, pickled ramps:

Jonathon Sawyer, The Greenhouse Tavern - fromage blanc raviolini, stewed tomatoes:

Alex Seidel, Fruition - lamb rib eye, pea and potato risotto, lamb sweetbreads confit:

Mike Sheerin, Blackbird - sepia noodles, fried chocolate, cardamom tofu:

John Shields, Town House - scrambled egg mousse, salmon roe, birch syrup:

Jason Stratton, Spinasse - rabbit
Russian salad, beets, peas, tuna maionesse:

James Syhabout, Commis - Parmesan financier, green strawberry conserve, young herbs:


Steve said...

You smelt roe? What did it smell like?

Chef John said...

worst joke...ever!

jodda said...

I'm new to your site, am obsessed, spent hours watching your videos and reading your blog, and enjoyed your tweets this weekend immensely!
And this post...
This post...
There is nothing that gets my heart racing more than incredible fancy food pics. Awesome pictures.

Steve said...

> worst joke...ever!

Thanks. I'll be here all week. Try the veal and be sure to tip the wait staff.

Jen said...

Great post, John! Good job!