Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back From the 2010 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen and Ready to Share!

I arrived back in San Francisco late last night after a very memorable five days at the 2010 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. I collected a ton of great content, which I can't wait to share with you all.

In fact, instead of rambling on here, dropping names, and embellishing stories, I think I'll actually get to work writing articles and editing photos!

Stay tuned for these stories and more:
  • My 2010 Food & Wine Classic "Top Ten Highlights" (no idea how I'll narrow this down to only ten…the whole event was one long series of highlights!)
  • Recipes from Thomas Keller's inspiring lecture on the "World's Best Preserves" (Pictured here, on the right, before his demo... he is "the man")
  • Priceless grilling tips (and life lessons) from the one and only, Tim Love. Including a video clip of something he called "Oil Shot Roulette." (He put on maybe the most entertaining demo I've ever seen)
  • All about olive oil with the very engaging Top Chef, Fabio Viviani (I was part of a private demo where the popular Italian chef proved he's much more than a pretty face)
Plus, I'll be posting several video recipes adapted from things I saw, smelled, and of course tasted over the weekend. Stay tuned!

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