Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coming Soon: Chicken French

Tomorrow we'll be airing a new video recipe for Chicken French. This delicious and super-fast chicken recipe from Rochester, NY is a bit of a culinary mystery. Stay tuned!


Hollis K. Lee said...

I cant believe that I have the opportunity to be the very first to post on a brand new recipe- Yeah me!

Tonight I was inspired to make Cream of Cauliflower soup but instead of blue cheese in the fritters I used tiny cubes of pepper jack and american cheddar I froze. Of course it was enjoyed by all so many thanks to you C.J.

As for this recipe once you put up the video I will be making this by the weekend. I see beautiful boneless breast in buttery parsley sauce looks like Sunday lunch to me.

Big J said...

ahh, I'm so excited!

and I want to say THANK YOU -- you have no idea how many 'good nights' I've gotten from my loved one thanks to the recipes and videos I've been following : D I have quite a reputation among my friends and you're to thank!

Susanne said...

Dear Chef John,

I'm standing in the kitchen, making gyros for lunch, which I love - but my mom bought it canned, and that takes out a great deal of taste. So I was wondering if there is a delicious Chef-John-gyros-recipe. But according to the search box and to my utter surprise, there isn't... So here is my food wish: Gyros!! Is that possible? :)

Many greetings from Germany!!!!

PS: I absolutely love your blog and already missionized my best friend, with whom I made the onion rings and the real carbonara (not at the same day). It was terrific.

Spoon Gouge said...

I saw you were in Western NY, but in Rochester, wow. Is the Chicken French from Proietti's or somewhere else. I learned to make it at the hands of Whitey myself when I took one of his classes about a year ago. If not, I would suggest that you at least go to Webster, and give it a try.

Emily said...

It gets difficult to type once you start salivating on the keyboard. Can't wait to see this one, Chef!!

Senk said...

Looks delicious!
BTW, you forgot to link your preview video of it on Youtube, dear Chef John.

rita said...

my father-in-law is from rochester, so when my husband and i were still living in the states, we would drive up to the fingerlakes and visit the wineries.

never heard of this dish, though. but that doesn't mean i'm not going to try this recipe. i sure will!

Kristen Hess said...

Hi Chef! I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your Video Blogging presentation at the IACP Conference in Austin - you do great work and it was super informative! Keep up the great work and I hope to see you at the IACP Conf in NYC in 2012!

Check out my food blog at

Kristen :)

Chef John said...

Thank you so much!! I will check out your blog. btw, what an odd post to leave a comment on. :-)

cody said...

LOVE Chicken French. This is a very good recipe. I'm looking for simple cooking videos in this page so I can add it on my collections. Anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe.