Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not Your Average Coffee Cake Recipe

I've received so many food wishes for coffee cake, which unfortunately I've not been able to grant yet. And yes, I do feel crumby about it. So, I was thrilled to see that my buddy and muse with different views, Average Betty, had posted a great looking video of a recipe she lifted from her mother-in-law.

I don't know Sara's mother-in-law, so I'll just go by stereotypes and assume she's a bitter psychopath who would break both her legs if she ever finds out her cherished heirloom recipe has been desecrated on a food blog. Thanks Sara!

Please read Average Betty's original post here (complete with a lovely photo step-by-step), and get the full recipe procedure and ingredients. Enjoy!

Photo (c) Average Betty


Anonymous said...

Looking for recipes are you perhaps? Well I don't think I've ever seen you use offal yet. Do yanks do offal? Liver and bacon umm. Anyways I was talking to an old timer here in the UK and he was telling me about his dish called "Kidney turbigo" which his Mother used to make. I'd never heard of it so googled it and as you may have guessed very few recipes and certainly no video.

What struck me with some of the recipes I saw was the cooking time - 20 minutes!

How about it Chef?

averagebetty said...

When I interviewed Thomas Keller at AWFF this past weekend he said, "What kind of questions are you going to ask me?" I said, "Can you tell me about offal?" Keller said, "No one wants to hear about that!"

You're da bomb Chef John :)

Chef John said...

Anon, see Betty's comment for the answer to your offal question. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chef Jay,

Very nice video, thanks for introducing her blog to us!

I read in your other post "hope to be collaborating with Average Betty on some future projects" - I REALLY do hope that's still gonna happen, as I would LOVE to see you do your magic with the kind of background music in Average Betty's videos ;-)
Any plans on the collaboration?


Chef John said...

I'd love to, but she is in Socal and me in Nocal. Hard to hook up!

Unknown said...

Averagebetty: nice recipe, cool style.

Chef John: she's prettier than you!

Dr. Jay

Sheri said...

Thanks for the video.I was looking for a coffe cake recipe,and found it.


Twm said...

Is it just me or is there no coffee in the recipe (or the times one either)
Coffee in coffee cake must be a british thing then!

Anonymous said...

I love this website!! I hate cooking but your recipes and instructions make it so easy. Betty you're funny hahaha. Too bad my husband went on a diet since like two days ago... but I found this web, and now he will go back to eating, yeah! :o)