Friday, October 1, 2010

Seared Scallops with Orange Supremes and Jalapeno Vinaigrette – Styling and Flavor Profiling

When I posted the tease to this seared scallops with orange "supremes" and jalapeno vinaigrette video last week, I got a few comments and emails asking how it would differ from the seared scallops with orange and jalapeno dressing video I posted last year.

While the dishes' flavor profiles are almost exactly the same, I find it fascinating how different this new version seems, with only one real change. Instead of the jalapeno being cut into a very fine dice (also known as "brunoise"), here I've used it in a simple vinaigrette.

In fact, the real reason for this video was to show you how to make this incredibly basic, but extremely versatile dressing. When it came time to decide what to pair it with, I could practically hear the scallops screaming at me from the fridge. By the way, the leftove
r vinaigrette was used the next day to dress a white bean salad, and it was fantastic.As long as you trim all the seeds and white membrane, jalapenos are not a really spicy pepper, especially when blended with the sweet rice vinegar. I realized after editing the video that I never showed how to prep the peppers, so if you're not that experienced working with them, check out the original scallop recipe here to see a great technique for getting just the meat of the pepper.

I'll be interested to hear from those of your who made the original, as to which you prefer. I definitely like this version better, but that may be for the simple fact that I love having such a delicious dressing around. Enjoy!

Seared Scallops with Orange "Supremes" and Jalapeno Vinaigrette Ingredients:
Makes 4 Portions (not a bad idea to make a double batch of the v
inaigrette)2 navel oranges
1 large jalapeno pepper, seeded, any white membranes removed
1/4 cup rice vinegar
*1/4 cup regular or light olive oil (extra virgin may be too strongly flavored for this subtly flavored dish)
1/4 tsp Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon grape seed, or vegetable oil
12 large fresh scallops, look for "day-boat" and/or "dry-pack" for best quality

salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
*if you are making this for a salad dressing, maybe increase the oil to 1/3 cup.

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Cheri Witmer said...

So happy you posted this, can't wait to try it out! I am loving your recipies here, so is my family, thanks Chef John!

Chris said...

I went out and bought scallops in suspense of this video

Anonymous said...

I like the new template. The fig picture made me crave figs, but was
distracting. Yes, I'm an old fogey and like simple, uncluttered thing:)

Oh, and orangy, jalapenoy, scallops - coming soon to my table.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your site and I'm already lovin' it. Thanks for the videos and extra simple explanations (what a soothing voice you have!!!) Well, thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Chef John:
How to tell if the scallop is done?

Chef John said...

Sort of like fish or shrimp... turns from translucent to almost white, but a little under is better than a little over!

Jay said...

My anticipation and excitement for making this dish was tempered somewhat by discovering that the local grocery store charges a LOT for the big scallops (and in brine). So I bought a bunch of the smaller ones and made shrimp and scallop linguine instead. It was still pretty tasty, and I still look forward to trying your recipe soon!

Rita said...

that just looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chef!
I've been lurking on your site for a few weeks now, loving the videos, your recipes and your wit. I just wanted to let you know that I made these last night, the 2nd of 5 courses that we served and as much as everyone raved about the other dishes, this is THE ONE they all said they wanted more of. I bought fresh (the day before) Qualicum Bay Scallops - even though they were expensive (worked out to $2 per scallop), they were so worth it. Following your instructions, they turned out perfectly crusted and rather than shrink (which is what usually happens with the previously frozen ones), they almost seemed to get larger when they hit the fry pan. They were quite simply the best scallops any of us had ever had - fabulous. Only one problem and that is that now I'm ruined for anything but the best and won't every even consider those nasty brined and frozen ones.

Thanks again - love the site


Gary said...

I made this last night - WOW! The flavors really did explode and it was super simple to make. I already had Trader Joe's frozen scallops and they were delicious in this recipe. I thought the dressing was going to be spicier with the jalepeno, even without the seeds, but it's actually on the sweeter side with the rice wine vinegar.

Thanks for teaching how to prepare scallops (I got the crust!) and how to prepare the oranges - very simple and elegant.

This recipe is definitely a keeper for special occasions.

Another awesome recipe from Chef John!

Bruce said...

I just read's dinner-time and I'm RUNNING to the store to get the ingredients!! LOL Thanks Chef John!!

Anonymous said...

Chef would this recipe work with prawns? We dont get scallops here.

Chef John said...

Yes!! Enjoy!

Annam said...

You are great! Love all you recipes and the humor that came with them! Thank *you*!

We will have this dish as part of our Christmas feast!

Wishing you and everyone here a Warm, Cozy, Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Successful, Happy New Year!

Russell Leach said...

Oh, my God...this dish knocked my socks off! Amazing Chef John and I am so grateful for all of what you share with us. You make it seem easy by taking away the fear of the kitchen and it's ingredients. You have opened up a huge door as far as cooking for me, thank you. This dressing is to die for. Outrageous! and with the orange supreme, it's a royal marriage along with those critters from the sea. ~ Russell

Chef John said...

thank you!

Unknown said...

I made this recipe for New year's Eve and it was amazing! My husband had never eaten scallops and loved it as well. I only wish I could have gotten the sauce thicker. I strained it so that thinned it a bit as well I think. Any recommendations?

Unknown said...

Can't wait to try this "newer" version. I made your original version and it was spectacular!! I love your simple video explanations. Thanks Chef John!

The Big Fat Cook said...

Chef John,

It looks like you are using a stainless steel pan for searing scallops. I'm planning to get rid of my non-stick and getting stainless steel pan. Can we cook omelette in stainless steel pans without the egg sticking to the pan?

Thank you!

Chef John said...

you can but nonstick is much better! you need both!

Birder said...

Hi Chef John, beautiful cookery as always!

Probably a dumb question, but did you season the scallops on both sides or just one?

Thank you for this idea!

Chef John said...

Both! Thanks! Enjoy!