Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello from Fugly Los Angeles!

Michele and I are in the City of Angels for the birthday celebration of our dear friend Jude Weng (seen here during her days as a tiger trainer), the Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Brand New Entertainment.

If that name sound familiar, it's because BNE was the company I signed a deal with a few years ago to develop a series of unscripted food-related television shows. There have been no major deals yet, but those efforts are still being shopped around, so you never know.

The theme of the party is the "Fugly Prom." You all know what proms are, but just in case you don't know, "fugly" is a combination of the words "f*cking" and "ugly." The pictures should be something, so stay tuned for those! We'll be back in San Francisco, Sunday night.


Rita said...

fugly prom. that sounds so hilarious and fun! are you going to wear one of those baby blue suits with ruffled shirt? AHAHAHA! we want to see pictures!

will you be cooking or prepare some kind of goodies for the party?

Sam said...

Welcome to LA. The weather is certainly in tune with your theme! Sounds like a hilarious idea.