Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat? Thanks for the Apple

I can't help but think this post is the Halloween equivalent of ringing a doorbell trick-or-treating, and instead of a delicious candy treat, some truly evil soul hands you a piece of fruit. An apple? I spent three hours becoming Iron Man, and you give me an apple!?

This dead cheese fingers video is the only real Halloween-themed recipe I've done before, so I thought I'd rerun it today, after a fun, but tiring trip to Los Angeles, which has left me video-less. This was inspired by a version I saw on the blog, Our Best Bites, and you can read the full, original post here.

Today, I'm very excited to start production on several very-requested food wishes including …drum roll …New York Cheesecake! Also, working on a revolutionary new mac and cheese recipe. So, enjoy, and stay tuned!


candice said...

would it look even surreal using light coloured sausages ?

Chef John said...

ewwww, that's just gross! Well, maybe it would work.

candice said...

Chef! Chef!

Can you try my suggestion ? I want to see if the end result looks like real fingers !


Anonymous said...

Chef John! Loooooooved this one, I'm surely gonna make it.
Was looking for some scary food recipies and this one just made my day!
As always..thanks :-)


Chef John said...

Me? Why don't you try?!

candice said...

Chef John...

The one you did was gross except that
It looked too 'white' to be fingers... Then
it dawn on me that perhaps sausages
would make it even more convincing...

Whatever it is, I don't want to do it, or
even go near this thing... It gives me
the CREEPS!! So disgusting! Please
dont make me turn off sausages, i love
them... But still curious about it though...

Oh by the way, made Sloppy Joes from
Watching your video and it was a big hit!
Still searching high and low for your Sloppy
Giuseppe, the sound version but no luck.

Patti A said...

Wow, way easier than the severed finger cookies I made a few years ago. Thanks for the idea. Marinara sauce would be good instead of ketchup.

Ethel said...


Actually I was thinking of using goiaba paste for the blood. I lived in Brazil and they have a simple but delicious mozarella cheese and goiaba dish called Romeo and Juliet (Romeu e Julieta quejo if you want to google for pics).

I was thinking of that cause I've never had cheese with hot sauce or ketchup and thought the combo was kind of strange..but of course my sweet combo may appear strange to people who are more used to the savory combo.

Anyways, thanks Chef John!

Faiza Shafi said...

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