Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Take a Little Break from Christmas Shopping and Vote!

You're out there shopping, stressed, tired, hungry, and at your wit's end. Why not take a break, and go vote in the 2011 Tasty Award's Viewer's Choice Award? How will this help you? It won't, but it would be really cool if you did it anyway.

As some of you may know, I'm nominated in the "Home Chef in a Series" category, so if you would like to help, please click here to vote! It's the fifth category. Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...


You well deserve to win that category, Chef John, and I'm delighted to have voted for my
favorite chef.

When will the choices be announced?

Anonymous said...

I voted for you :-)

I have just quite work at 55 and am focusing on being the homemaker I never had a chance to be. I'm a pretty good cook but I want to get out of my rut. I just found your site and am so excited to try out some of the recipes. I love your presentations! -- Beth

Asian Malaysian said...

Apparently, you cant vote more than once. :-(

Jack Parker said...

I voted. Do I get my little red sticker that says "I Voted" now? :)

Chef John said...

Thanks all!!

Rachel said...

My vote is in - who else could possibly deserve to win? Go Chef John!

Unknown said...

I also voted for food wishes. Your recipes and blog are very nice, perfect, can't be better.

Unknown said...

Chef John.. Great recipes! Outstanding personality!
You deserve the award.. I thank you for your lasagna recipe..


Gary said...

I voted! Good luck Chef!

Anonymous said...

It is no fun being older in a high tech world ;-)

I have been staying up to 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning viewing page after page of blogs. Isn't there an easier way? Like an index perhaps so I can go to the recipes I want to look at. I think I have looked and many of them dozens of times now.

An index would be so awesome. In fact I have started to build my own but it's time consuming.

BTW... I'm not griping too much. I love this website!!!!
-- Beth

Chris K. said...

Voted, but not like it matters. You're gonna stomp the competition like Godzilla vs. Bambi!

Side note: what's up with all the Food Network celebs on that site? Are they not over-exposed enough?

And why doesn't Average Betty have her own cable network yet? She's in every friggin' category!

Chef John said...

Thanks for the love everyone! I know, she must know where all the bodies are buried.

Samand said...


I wish I could do more for your time and effort, Chef John!

You rock!

Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Made lasagna for the first time.
This was more easy that I though.

I put it in two casserole dishes.
Put one in the oven, and one in the freezer for later.

Once you make it once, you can tweak it for yourself the next time.
Perhaps put some chorizo sausage in there.
I think I will use more ricotta cheese next time.