Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coming Soon: Beautiful Breast of Lamb


bdwilcox said...

Lambs have breasts? And to think of what I've been missing dating only sheep.

blogagog said...

Those look more like ribs than boobs. You should call it 'beautiful chest of lamb'.


Pantalone said...

Yah! Lamb breasts. I think you should do MORE *offal* stuff.

Come on! Tapas tripe, brain, heart, trotter, snout, cheeks, horn(?) and PANCREAS even, heck. It'd be offal.

Foodwishes Rocks!

Greg S. said...

The first & best barbecue sauce I ever had was in W. Charleston, SC. I was too young to know much about Ingradients but I remember it had bits of onion in it and a wonderful flavor I've been craving for years. I once tasted a chutney in Vermont that tasted similar, must have had some of same spice (s). Anyone have an idea what kind of sauce I had in W. Charleston?