Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming Soon: Duck, Shrimp, and Sausage Gumbo


Dr EEEEEEE^32 said...

Food porn! :D

Daniela López Aguilar said...

Dear Chef John! Yesterday I made your beef stroganoff recipe and it was supreme, my family loved it :)

Thank you so much for your videos, they've helped me a lot and make me even more interested in the Food Chemistry couse I'm taking this semester.

I've changed my youtube video-watching habits thanks to you! Now, instead of watching funny videos, I only watch food recipes :) I wish I was in the US, so I could meet you :)

My food wish would be more recipes for diabetics, I've been strugling with it for 4 years and sometimes, as I'm only 22, I don't eat properly because what most doctors tell me to eat is just horrible! Tasty food for diabetics please!!

Thank you! Lots of love and support from COLOMBIA!

Razors Edge said...

Nice to see the Chef getting his mojo back after that hummus debacle!

Chef John said...

I assume you're just being a troll, but I'm happy to report the green hummus was absolutely delicious!