Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our #AFundForJennie Auction Closes with $550 High Bid!

They say every man has his price, but not every man gets to see that exact value calculated in public on a blog. The market has spoken, and apparently I'm worth exactly $550. Hey, at least that's more than I was appraised for by that carnival gypsy. Take that, Madame Corsi!

Thank you to everyone who bid, and also to those of you who made individual donations to #AFundForJennie at Bloggers Without Borders! Stay tuned as we'll identify the winner, and make plans for the shoot soon. Thank you all!


Deviation said...

And if the food you make ever be counted it'll be worth millions :D

Becky said...

My fiance said, on my telling him your price: "That's all?? Hell, I'd've paid more than that!"
We didn't see that you were for sale, having just had a baby. Dang :)

Anonymous said...

Just came across your site yesterday. Great stuff. Tried the mac & cheese Thomas Jefferson style. My mom and husband loved it shared it with some other members of the family and some friends also haven't gotten their feed back as yet. Gonna try yor caramel pork belly looks extremely unctuous.

cb said...

That Carnival Gypsy clearly has not tried your chocolate lava cake recipe or your mac & cheese. Woo Hoo!!