Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowls of Cabbage Rolls

I wanted to wish you all a fun, festive, and very delicious Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll be watching the game with the in-laws, and if you’re wondering what we’re going to be eating, you may be surprised. There will be no Buffalo wings, no nacho cheese, and no baby back ribs.

I’m so tired of football food, having produced all these recent Super Bowl-inspired videos, that I made a batch of cabbage rolls using this very popular, previously posted recipe. Hey, they are football shaped after all. 

I didn’t re-shoot the recipe, but I did snap a couple cell shots that I posted to Instagram (don't worry, they're better the next day...the cabbage rolls, not the photos). Enjoy the game, and GO GIANTS!


Zane and Van said...

We'll be watching the game with our family and friends. We already have a food line up and was thinking about another addition when we stumbled into your post at food blogs dot com. We have bookmarked this recipe. Thanks for the sharing this recipe!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, a great choice of food.
Until this day I thought that this was a typically Polish dish, unknown in other parts of the world, more so other continents. Down here, your cabage rolls are called gołąbki (literally translates to "pigeons"), and the recipe is more or less the same, though I think pork is more popular meat of choice.
So anyway, my question is, do you have any Polish-based influence in this recipe, or your cooking in general?
Best regards from freezing Poland, your blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

You were right! Giants all the way! I actually live in Indianapolis, and my sister and I had commpletely different views on the superbowl. She wanted Patriots and I wanted Giants. I proved her wrong.... with your help of course. Thank you for the great technique :)

kinectick said...

Bet that Manning would love the cabbage rolls! Yeah Giants!!!!!!!

rich said...

i made the regular SB food today.....too bad i was too sick watching this game to enjoy any of it. by the time the giants won and my heart finally got dislodged from my throat all the food was gone. oh well....that giants win was well worth it.

Tom Maynard said...

Great call on the outcome of the game, as always, Chef!

I'll be out shopping for a new Bentley after lunch, thanks to you.


S/V Blondie-Dog said...

This looks delicious but I'd probably be tempted to "kick it up another notch" by adding one of those little packets of annatto seasonings made by Goya. Thanks Chef.