Saturday, June 22, 2013

So You Can Use Real Food to Lose Weight Without Dieting? – I Knew It!

I’ll probably never write a book on healthy eating (I know, you’re shocked), but if I did, I’d like to think it would be similar to “Foodist,” the new book by my friend, and favorite neuroscientist, Darya Pino Rose. I’ve never been able to articulate it as well as Ms. Summer Tomato, but have always believed that delicious food is the solution, not the problem; and that relying solely on willpower to change behavior never works, for anything.

Genetically predisposed appearances to the contrary, I live a relatively healthy lifestyle (or “healthstyle” as it’s referred to in the book). I’m quite active, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and generally stay away from processed foods. At this advanced age, I know what makes my body and mind feel good, and I try to eat as many of those foods as possible.

Of course, I’ve based most of my personal eating theories on intuition and anecdotal evidence, so it was nice having someone who actually understands all this stuff explain the science behind it. Besides learning why all those diets you tried didn’t work (spoiler alert: it wasn’t your fault), the smartly organized book is chock full of great tips and techniques, presented in an entertaining, often irreverent style.

I really did enjoy the book, and despite my complete lack of objectivity, I would enthusiastically recommend it to others. For more information, you can follow this link to Amazon, where the book is getting rave reviews (by people who actually paid for it).  Enjoy!


Mevrouw de Vries said...

Every book that starts with a quote of Beavis & Butthead deserves our full attention...

Masae said...

I agree that"eating at home and moving more and it will make you healthier."
We need to get back to nature of human life.

S/V Blondie-Dog said...

Greetings Chef!

I've suddenly developed a craving for some decadent, gooey, jelly-donuts! Any chance that you might perhaps post a video on how to make these any time soon?

Thanks! You're the best!

philogaia said...

I went to the page and read some bits and pieces along with a few comments. Yes, yes, yes! This is the diet I've put several years into figuring out for myself and I've lost weight, feel fantastic and do not count calories. To me any manner of eating (notice I don't say 'diet' in which you have to count everything you eat and feel hungry or deprived or grumpy is NOT sustainable. I do a personal adaptation of Paleo/Weston A Price with a bit of restricted carb and that works for me. I realize that others have a different balance point. But starting with real food (and sugar and white flour don't count as food) is the common denominator. I'm so happy to see a strong voice of reason in a country bombarded by USDA dis-information.

Unknown said...

I've heard of her and really liked her blog, but now that YOU recommended her, I was like YES!
I am tired of "No... eat low carb high fat.. noooo eat high carb low fat. paleo, fruitarian, vegetarian etc. What do I need?!" lol. :)
I have been eating very healthy and exercise 3 or 4 times a week and yet the weight doesn't seem to budge.
I have been foolish in the past by eating very very little and have lost weight---mostly muscle and my mind, but now that I am back to eating normally, obviously, you gain weight. Now I am on a mission to lose it without going on those crazy diets.
Best to change little things that can last a lifetime than do the Beyonce diet, you know? Haha. Thanks again. Ok now I'm blabbing. I am huge fan of you :)
My mom who had to leave to take care of my sick grandma in Spain left me, a 17 year old girl, in the hands of my dad and brother. Your recipes saved me :D

Unknown said...

Well written & lots of common sense. Like your blog because you show us how to make "real" food! So how about making roasted cauliflower that is better than french fries!