Monday, December 30, 2013

Are Your New Year's Eve Eats, Completes?

Just in case you're looking for some extra special appetizers for your New Year's Eve party, I've put together a little collection of my favorites. These crowd-pleasers are so delicious, you may even get a kiss before midnight. Just click on the title, and away you go. Enjoy!

Coquilles St-Jacques

The kind of special occasion appetizer we used to enjoy before the dieticians and celebrity chefs ruined it for everybody.

All-American Shrimp Cocktail

There's something about dunking a jumbo shrimp in cocktail sauce that just feels like New Year's Eve

Fancy Mixed Nuts

Why the hell would anyone put out separate bowls of nuts, when you can go full mixed nuts? It's nuts. 

Potato & Chorizo Mini Quiches

Originally a Super Bowl snack idea, these mini-quiches will work just as well on that fancy hors d'oeuvres buffet. They can be fancied up in an infinite number of ways.

Oyster Rockefeller

Any appetizer with "Rockefeller" in the name has got to work here. By the way, if you're under 35, you should call it "Oysters Roc-A-Fella." Trust me.

Clams Casino

It's not gambling if you know you're going to win. By the way, the house (that serves these) always wins.


Olgalii. said...

I just want to thank you!
I'm preparing the appetizers for our new year's eve party, and since I want everyone to be able to eat something I'm going to do:
x your Pierogi
x your mini Quiche
x your eggplant sandwich
x some dates in bacon

... and I already know it's gonna be awesome!
Thank you for teaching me how to cook!

Kathy Berken said...

You are just so darn funny!

Dan and Hilary said...

Happy new year to the best chef on the web! Keep up the good job! Been watching since 2007 and you've helped step up my home cooking skills big time. Can't thank you enough for making my family meals way better. Cheers to 2014, it's going to be a good year, enjoy!