Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lose Weight and Live Longer with the New Homemade Bread Diet!

Word on the street is that tomorrow, November 17th, is National Homemade Bread Day, and to celebrate I thought I'd post a few of our most popular, and critically acclaimed videos. By the way, I have this idea for a diet where you get to eat bread, but only if you bake it fresh yourself. 

Since most of us are fairly lazy, this would become maybe a once a week thing, which has to be a better alternative than that daily dosage of supermarket, pain d'preservative. It's still in the brainstorming stage, and there's no book deal yet, but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, go make some homemade bread. Click on the title to see the original post, and as always, enjoy! 

No-Knead Beer Bread

You like beer. You like bread. So, what are you waiting for? Pro Tip: Even though you only need one beer, get a six-pack.

Perfect French Baguette

This is the video French bakers don't want you to see. People don't think they can make bakery-quality loaves at home, but those people are wrong.

No-Knead Ciabatta

One of the most popular Food Wishes videos of all time. If you've never made bread, this is the recipe for you. Warning: The dough is going to be sticky. Don't be afraid.

Pita Bread

What this amazing bread lacks in height, it more than makes up for in stuffability. And yes, that is a word.


Michelle said...

I make bread at least 4 times a week so that leaves me out of the diet. I make the Perfect French Baguette all the time . It's one of my husbands favorites.

Andy said...

I don't know if you meant it as a joke but it's pain, not pan. There's a 'no pain, no gain' joke in there somewhere. Or maybe it's as simple as that.

Your blog and videos have become our #1 reference for cooking. I don't think a single one has failed yet and we've made too many to count! Thanksgiving is going to be our first try at the butter under the turkey skin. We tell everyone about you, to the point that they start rolling their eyes when we start sentences like, "Chef John has a cool recipe where he..." It all started from a little reddit comment someone made with a link to your inside-out grilled cheese. Thanks again (if you finished reading this).

Chef John said...

I guess it was a Spanish/French mashup! I changed it for you. ;) Thanks!

Reyna Ayala said...

What kind of yeast should I use?

PV Greetings said...

I'm so glad to find your recipes and videos! They are all so wonderful and enjoyable to follow. I've been trying to make a decent baguette with several different recipes and I'm finally successful with your recipe. Do you have a French breadstick recipe that you can share. There's a French "La Boulangerie" in Fresno California that has the best breadsticks I have ever tasted. I found one on called "Crunchy bread six - Fowlerville pizzeria style", but it doesn't the chewy crunchy taste like the French bread. Can you help please?

Ricardo Pessoa said...

Hi, congratulations.

Where is the video recipes of "Homemade Bread Diet"?
Or where is the recipes?

Do you have any bread diet video recipes for "diabete Melittus"?


Charlotte J. Gravely said...

This bread diet recipe is very good. I will try this for my breafast

Bogey Man said...

Been baking ther ciabatta bread for years, suddenly it seems to come out almost white in color! Any help from anywhere will be appreciated