Sunday, November 2, 2014

Re-Purposing Post Porch Pumpkin

I always get a few e-mails this time year asking what can be done with freshly harvested pumpkin seeds, so I thought I'd post this spiced pumpkin seeds video from my friends at You may have a couple decorative pumpkins in front of your house right now, and instead of just tossing them into the compost, why not go full-foodie and make a crunchy, seasonal snack? You can get the full recipe here. Enjoy!


CWR032 said...

I'm confused, it says to add two cups of raw pumpkin seeds, then she says "We've boiled ours first for ten minutes." Doesn't that make them not raw, or is this some sort of trap?

Andy said...

Looks good but I kind of dozed off. They should have done the ohhhhld shake-ah shake-ah or a rimshot to keep my attention.